Andy Fairlamb, Executive Director of Supply Chain

"Telogis has really transformed our business"

"The Telogis platform has really transformed our business in a number of ways. It has allowed us to start thinking of new ways to operate and new ways to get better," says Andy Fairlamb, Executive Director of Supply Chain at ROI.

"I highly recommend Telogis software … they've been a great partner to work with."

"The software is not perfect but, Telogis has been very responsive and willing to help us to be more educated on how the software works as well fixing things that were broken."

"We put everybody on Telogis, which was just fantastic."

While using Telogis has resulted in improved internal processes, customers of ROi are also enjoying the change.

"Our lab customers have been given access to the Telogis software so they can visibly see where the drivers are on the map."

ROI has transformed a number of business areas including reducing paperwork, automating compliance and improving driver safety.

Paperless forms increased efficiency

The Telogis platform offers customized forms that can be completed by mobile workers using just a smartphone or tablet proved a major boon for ROI.

"There are a lot of things in our processes that require some type of form to be filled out, and we also discovered other things that we weren't tracking that could benefit from a form."

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"We utilize the Telogis Forms within [Telogis] WorkPlan significantly today.“

Paper forms that have been transitioned include accident reports, temperature tracking for specimen transportation and other important daily job functions.

"It's helpful for [our mobile workers] to have access to a tool that's easy to use."

Automated compliance - on the same platform

The FMCSA published the ELD Final Rule in December 2015, requiring HOS to be recorded electronically, replacing the conventional paper logs.

"We needed a software vendor that could do Hours of Service. We didn't want to buy a separate software system … we were excited that Telogis was doing that."

Safety software that delivers real results

Safety programs are often talked about but, in many cases, lack follow through. ROi found Telogis Coach not only delivered real results but allowed an engaging way to get drivers on board and reward good driving.

"Telogis Coach has allowed us to give back to the drivers as a bonus program," said Erik Lawson, Manager of Transportation at ROI.

Fairlamb explains how driving data is used to encourage a higher standard of safety behind the wheel. "We share the scorecards with the drivers and there's a lot of talk about it. There's been a lot of buzz because of the immediate feedback right to their phone."

"We have noticed that utilizing this tool along with our safety incentive program the number of incidents is down, and we've seen a reduction in accidents."

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