Adam Belanich, President

Coffee distributor gets significant time savings, peace of mind and fewer traffic violations with Verizon Connect

Once Joyride Coffee Distributors started working with Verizon Connect Routist, they were very impressed with how well Routist fit into Reveal. Now they experience fewer traffic violations, significant time savings, and greater peace of mind.


When Adam Belanich, President of Joyride Coffee, first heard about Verizon Connect Routist, he knew the software could help improve his company’s efficiency. “We deliver in Manhattan, which is a challenge. Delivering to 18 miles of coverage can take up to six hours depending on traffic. And with many one-way streets plus strict rules on right turns for commercial vehicles, we needed a system that would take everything into account and determine our routes for us,” Belanich said.

Verizon Connect Routist uses a complex algorithm that compares the vehicle stops with available resources, then delivers an optimized plan based on the factors that matter to the client. Factors can include everything from drivers’ hours, pay rates, territories, and skills, to vehicle capacities, customer time commitments, and even historical traffic data in the area.

In the past, Joyride Coffee used a competitor’s software but found that it was unstable. The routes it set were unclear and delivery teams would run into each other in the field. “A unique feature of Verizon Connect Routist is that it also allows us to upload our stop duration predictions, which has been huge for us as far as balancing our delivery vans. Now both our vans are getting back at the same time,” says Belanich.

Belanich has found that using Verizon Connect Routist, a feature of Verizon Connect Reveal, has been very intuitive. The software works well together to set the routes and to track the vehicles in the field. “Not having to worry about many of those details or where our drivers are has really improved the quality of life at Joyride Coffee. Our management team now spends far less time on small problems.”

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“We’ve also seen an increase in driver safety since installing the tracking devices on our vans. Now that our drivers know they are being monitored, their behavior has improved without any interference from our managers,” says Belanich.

Joyride Coffee has three delivery vans that operate in Manhattan: two that do most of the deliveries and a third that handles the overflow. “Before Verizon Connect, there were many times that we had to manually determine routes, especially if we wanted to move any orders to our third van. Now, it is much easier to tweak the routes. We have fewer headaches and it’s a huge time saver,” adds Belanich.

The company has experienced a reduction in traffic violations as well. “In New York, there are many one-way streets, and many streets with bans on right turns or commercial vehicles. Verizon Connect Routist is able to take all of that into account, along with traffic, to determine the best route. Our drivers are getting ticketed a lot less,” notes Belanich.

Overall, Joyride Coffee has benefitted from using both Verizon Connect Routist and Reveal with faster and better balanced routes. These benefits can be attributed to the holistic GPS tracking platform, Reveal, that now also offers intelligent routing capabilities. “There are other features we plan to use, but have not been able to yet. For instance, we can assign skills to our vehicles, like refrigerated and non-refrigerated, to streamline our process even more.”

Currently, Joyride Coffee has only been using both Verizon Connect Reveal and Routist on their New York City fleet, and uses Verizon Connect Reveal on their San Francisco fleet. 


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