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Safe food, safer drivers - FreshDirect does both with Verizon Connect

It's enabling us to utilize our fleet 100 percent.
Mike Derrig
Director of Fleet Operations

FreshDirect, with a fleet of more than 300 trucks, is an e-grocer that serves the New York metropolitan area. Customers order farm-fresh produce online and it's delivered to their door – often the next day.

How do they meet tough customer service standards, keep drivers safe and deliver a high-quality product? With a little hi-tech help from Verizon Connect.

Mike Derrig, director of fleet operations for FreshDirect explains the important role of technology in the success of their business.

Technology is what drives this company. The benefits we're getting out of [Verizon Connect] are growing every week.

"With Verizon Connect, not only are we monitoring our drivers' behaviors but we're also maintaining our refrigeration."

Reduced unsafe driving by 98%

Illustrating the power of real-time driver monitoring, FreshDirect saw a remarkable 98% reduction in unsafe driving behaviors.

'We've been able to get harsh braking, excessive acceleration and speeding all under control without any disciplinary action.'

Food safety a priority

When your business is about delivering fresh, quality produce maintaining the cold chain is critical - it's about keeping food in its optimum state, right through from the warehouse to the customer's door.

It's not just about freshness - the cold chain is key to making sure the product is safe to eat as well.

'One of the reasons why we decided to go with Verizon Connect was their ability to help us monitor our cold chain.'

Real-time management of the temperature in the trucks is helping FreshDirect maintain great quality control at all times, no matter what challenges the drivers are facing.

The end goal for temperature monitoring is really about the most important person in the business - the customer.

"It provides great quality food for the customer."

With that mindset FreshDirect is likely to enjoy even greater success in the future.

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