Mark Sperry, Service Manager

Fettes, Love & Sieben has streamlined operational procedures and saved office time

Increased Revenue

Fettes, Love & Sieben is a plumbing and heating contractor located in Chicago, Illinois and employs approximately sixty-five tradesmen that include plumbers, pipe-fitters, laborers and operating engineers. Since 1924, the company has served Chicago and the surrounding suburbs by providing the best plumbing and heating services possible.


The Challenge

Fettes, Love & Sieben was looking into GPS vehicle tracking because it wanted to improve accuracy for customer invoicing. It also needed to improve dispatching efficiencies and reduce calls made to technicians' cell phones. Eliminating out-of-route mileage was important in reducing fuel costs.

The Benefits

Productivity has increased tremendously through improved routing and dispatching. The company has seen great savings in fuel costs as fleet vehicle mileage has been reduced. Customer service has improved as invoicing is now accurate. The company has also streamlined operational procedures which has saved office time.

The Savings

"In our first year using the Verizon Connect GPS Tracking System, we were able to bring in $60,000 of additional revenue through increased productivity."

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