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Di-Tech International uses Verizon Connect GPS fleet tracking to improve dispatching and boost productivity

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Customer service has improved tremendously since we installed Verizon Connect. Now, if customers want an update, we can look into the system and tell them, 'We'll be there in 10 minutes' or 'Our guy is pulling into the driveway, look out the window!'
Ted Johnson

Di-Tech International understands that excellent customer service and exceeding client expectations are the keys to business success. As a result of their customer-focused philosophy, Di-Tech has emerged as a leader in the construction and demolition industry in Winnipeg, MB. The company believes in partnering with clients to provide customized solutions for numerous services including core drilling, flat sawing, wall sawing, wire sawing and demolition.

When Ted Johnson, Owner of Di-Tech International, decided to better service clients through improved dispatching and routing efficiencies, he decided to install the Verizon Connect GPS Tracking Solution on the company's 16 vehicles.

"Di-Tech is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and excellence through leading edge technology and innovation," said Mr. Johnson. "Verizon Connect is helping us keep this commitment with the real-time visibility it provides us so we can respond to our customer's needs with a sense of urgency."

Live Tracking "Makes Things Much Easier"

Before Verizon Connect GPS fleet tracking, dispatchers at Di-Tech International had no real way to know exactly where their drivers were located. The company relied on cell phones to find out driver locations, but this led to high phone bills and unsafe driving situations. And still, dispatchers really didn't get a clear picture of the whole fleet.

"Before, we would send somebody to a job then just send them somewhere else, but you'd never really know where they were. That's just inefficient," said Mr. Johnson. "Verizon Connect has taken the inefficiencies out and improved productivity. Having knowledge of where everyone is makes things much easier."

Verizon Connect includes a Live Map feature that shows the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet. The vehicles appear on a map powered by Google Maps API Premier, so you get an accurate picture of vehicle locations right down to the street level. The Live Map also includes current traffic information so you can route drivers around potential travel delays.

The system also includes "find nearest" feature which is a powerful tool allows dispatchers the ability to determine which vehicles are closest to any job site with just one click. This information allows you to improve routing and reduce client wait times.

"With Verizon Connect, our dispatchers are better informed," said Mr. Johnson. "They can switch guys around that are closer to a specific job instead of one having to go across the city. And if somebody needs equipment out of another truck, dispatchers can tell the driver where that truck is in real time. That's a big deal for us!"

Improving Customer Service

With better routing, dispatching and scheduling, Di-Tech International has the ability to respond quicker to client needs. And since dispatchers know the exact location of every vehicle, they are able to provide clients with more accurate arrival times.

"Customer service has improved tremendously since we installed Verizon Connect," said Mr. Johnson. "We are a service company too and customers want to know whether our guys will be showing up on time or not. Now, if customers want an update, we can look on the system and tell them, 'We'll be there in 10 minutes' or, 'Our guy is pulling into the driveway, look out the window!'"

The Verizon Connect truck tracking system has also helped Di-Tech International increase employee productivity. Dispatchers can use the system to ensure drivers take direct routes to job sites and do not use vehicles for unauthorized side trips during business hours. Less time spent between jobs means more time is being spent getting work done at the job site.

"It's a lot easier to dispatch and efficiently manage your fleet when you know where everyone is, that's for sure," said Mr. Johnson. "Verizon Connect has definitely given us peace of mind."

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