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Case study

Capital Crane gets support and savings from Verizon Connect Reveal

Verizon Connect Reveal is just a clean site, a great program. It goes above and beyond what you expect.
John Thistle
Fleet Maintenance Coordinator, Capital Crane

Capital Crane Limited rents equipment for any large-scale construction site, with a fully winterized fleet ranging from all-terrain cranes to trailers to pickup trucks. Reveal gives the company the robust GPS fleet tracking and unrelenting support it needs to thrive in the harsh conditions of northeast Canada.

The Challenge

Capital Crane needed a reliable technology solution to track its widespread fleet for more effective service and maintenance. Fleet Maintenance Coordinator John Thistle recalls, "Last year, we had to replace two engines due to customer misuse. Our engines cost $85,000 each.Being able to monitor the engine for a small fee each month is a much better idea."

Unfortunately, the first GPS fleet tracking solution Capital Crane tried wasn't up to the task. Thistle says, "Our old system was a mess - it never got hooked up right and didn't work right." 

In addition, the company needed ways to reduce driver speeding and resolve customer disputes. 

The Solution

The Verizon Connect Reveal GPS fleet tracking solution has made it easier to maintain and service Captial Crane's fleet, revamping its maintenance process and saving the company on costly repairs and replacements. 

Just as importantly, Reveal has offered unrelenting support for fleet-wide system installation during Newfoundland's harsh winters. Thistle found the support team very responsive, helping overcome unique installation challenges. "They just knew what to do," he says.

The Results

Thistle found that once he did a couple of rounds of training and played with the system, he was able to learn the program easily. "It's just a clean site, a great program. It goes above and beyond what you expect."

Now he keeps Reveal running on six monitors in his office so he can see a map view of all three Captial Crane locations and track where all the company's equipment is at once.

"It's a huge advantage being able to see where all our equipment is, and to know that people aren't misusing it."

He also enjoys that when he does get a call at home after hours, he can access the data on his iPad. "I can log in right now and check on a vehicle. That's an excellent feature," says Thistle.

Capital Crane has found that Reveal gave them several other advantages:

  • Reduce Speeding: When the company first installed Reveal, Thistle would get 200 emails a night notifying him of speeding incidents. Once the drivers figured out they were being monitored, that number went down drastically. He now only gets 10 or 12 a night. He says, "Speeding isn't a problem anymore for most of our drivers, and I now know who the chronic offenders are."
  • Streamlined Billing: In the past, clients would go over their contracted hours with equipment and would fight overtime charges. "They would want to see proof. Now we can prove it through Reveal. No more time wasted arguing or haggling over email," says Thistle. 
  • Company Compliance: At first, drivers were skeptical of being monitored, but once managers explained it cuts costs - which kept employees in their jobs - everyone was on board. Thistle says, "We haven't had a complaint in a month."
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