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CMC Logistics mitigated risk and saw fast ROI with dashcams.

I’ve definitely seen a reduction in speeding. Over the last 28 days, I’ve seen it go down about 35%. I’m thoroughly impressed by just having this available, and how it’s changing driving behaviors.
Patty James
Compliance Manager, CMC Logistics

CMC Logistics, a transportation fleet that delivers goods throughout the southeastern United States, was looking for a new way to mitigate risk and promote safety. They chose Verizon Connect Integrated Video dashcams for their enterprise fleet and saw an immediate ROI when one of their trucks was involved in an accident a few days after installation.

Compliance Manager Patty James described the incident: “Our driver had a car come across two lanes, and clipped the very front of his truck. Luckily, it was caught on our new dashcam, and our driver was able to file a police report. With the proof that I had, I knew that it would be an easy settlement. I called the other driver’s insurance company and provided them with all the documentation they needed to prove their driver was at fault. Within 15 days, we had a $1,500 check for the repairs.”

Protecting their drivers on the road

To mitigate risk for their drivers and their business, CMC Logistics wanted a reliable dashcam solution that provided video clips when an accident occurred. They knew how much time and money was involved in an insurance claim and needed a solution that would help resolve problems quickly and cost-effectively. “We’re a commercial motor carrier, so insurance costs are very, very high,” James explained. “To reduce the cost, we have to go with a higher deductible. So, even if I wanted to use our insurance company’s resources after an accident, it would cost us.”

Driver safety, a core value of CMC Logistics, was also important when looking for a dashcam solution.

“We needed to evaluate what kind of risks were involved in driver behavior, and see how we could coach them,” James said. “You can look at a speeding report, but you don’t know if they ran a stop sign unless they get caught.”

Safety and accountability with Integrated Video

CMC Logistics chose Integrated Video for their dashcam solution. With video footage available in near real time, they can download and review accident footage quickly and easily to help deflect false claims. James said, “You couldn’t ask for a more clear video or picture, and it’s super easy to download and super easy to share. So, those features I really like a lot. All you have to do is go frame by frame, scroll over the exact time you want and request the video. It’s super easy.”

Integrated Video helps CMC Logistics see what is happening on the road and coach their crew on safe driving behaviors. With harsh driving alerts, they know which drivers need improvement and can show the drivers a video when they are at fault. “Whenever they find out it was caught on camera, before I can get it out of my mouth, they are already saying ‘Yes, I know,’” James said. “This brings a little more accountability. When they see more and more benefit, they’re gonna not have a problem with it at all.”

CMC Logistics also wanted to use dashcams to show their drivers that when an accident occurs, the business will be looking out for them. James said, “The more times we’re able to have their back and have proof that they truly were not at fault, all the drivers will get to the point where they want these things in their trucks. Previously, some drivers actually purchased cameras themselves with their own money, but now, they don’t have to pay for that.”

A fast ROI while promoting safety

Less than a week after installing Verizon Connect dashcams, CMC Logistics used video footage to exonerate one of their drivers and got a quick turnaround on an insurance claim. James explained how valuable dashcams were for them: “Without the concrete proof that their driver actually came across the lanes, it would be his word against her word, and we couldn’t prove any sort of fault without any witnesses. And we long-term lease our equipment, so repairs that have to be made, have to be paid. We definitely would have had to pay this one out of pocket.”

Integrated Video also provides CMC Logistics with many opportunities to uphold their core value of safety. They use harsh driving alerts and video to coach their drivers as often as they can. In fact, the major decrease in unsafe driving alerts has surprised James: “At first, I was getting a report every day. Now, it’s like every third day. So, I often wondered that maybe it’s not working, so I’ll do a request for video. And sure enough, it’s working. So, when you don’t know you have it, that’s a win.”

CMC Logistics did their research, and when they finally decided on Verizon Connect Integrated Video, it paid immediate dividends. They received a payout on an accident claim quickly, reduced unsafe driving and the associated costs, and were able to help give their drivers peace of mind behind the wheel.

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