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Case study

Beck Trucking saves time with improved communication and visibility with Reveal

It's immediate. You can tell the customer without saying, ‘I have to check with the driver and call you back.’ It's right there ... there's tons of tools that you can use with a lot of information.
Donna Call

With a rapidly growing trucking company, Nick Beck, Owner of Beck Trucking, knew he had to implement technology to streamline communication with drivers and customers. After adding Verizon Connect Reveal as their fleet tracking system, they can now see their vehicles at any time, ensure they’re on time and monitor their driving habits. Plus, with a project44 integration, their customers have immediate access to driver location and status.

“The Verizon Connect system truly changed our whole business model.” Nick Beck, Owner of Beck Trucking

The challenge

Beck Trucking was growing, and with more drivers and trucks than ever, their manual system of drivers checking in via phone was no longer efficient. Nick Beck explains, “So many hours were wasted just waiting for the phone to ring or trying to get in touch with a driver.” Lack of visibility into vehicle location also meant that they couldn’t update their customers on ETA.

Processes like payroll and IFTA reporting were done manually, requiring hours of work and opening them up to potential errors. Meanwhile, there was no way to track driver behavior, like speeding or idling, so it was difficult to coach drivers to be safer.

The solution

Verizon Connect Reveal provided the visibility Beck Trucking desperately needed. Using the live map, Nick and his staff can see where vehicles are at any time: “I know if they’re idling, if they’re stopped, if they’re at the customer’s location. That is so important to me.”

They also chose to implement an integration with Reveal called project44. It allows his customers to see just the truck during their specific shipment, so they know when the load will be delivered. “It’s very easy for them to log on and see where their truck is at.”

Office Manager Tabitha Presley uses multiple automated reports to complete tasks that were previously tedious. She can easily verify payroll against the driver’s daily report and mileage. To manage IFTA reporting, she can pull one report from Reveal, and “it breaks it down however you need it. It’s amazing the difference.”

Another benefit has been their implementation of a quarterly safety bonus program. Before Reveal, there was no data to know which drivers were braking harshly or turning corners too fast. With Reveal, they’ve set up a driver score system and award drivers with low infractions.

The results

With their project44 integration with Reveal, Beck Trucking was able to bid on a project and win a job that generated $500,000 in income annually. The improvements in customer communication directly impacted their ability to bring in more revenue for their business.

With drivers incentivized to drive more safely, their safety score has gone up for FMCSA, and their drivers are getting less speeding tickets. Their reporting is more accurate, and the staff can be more confident in providing better customer service all-around. The system has changed their business, and as Nick says, “I couldn’t imagine why anybody wouldn’t want this system.”

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