Tales from the Road: Productivity


We’re all looking for ways to get more done with less. While this can seem impossible at times, there are in fact solutions to become more productive. Just ask Work customers. Nearly 60% of the Work platform customers have already improved key company productivity goals using the Work platform. This tool offers easy customer management, job scheduling and dispatch to the field capabilities. How are they doing it?

“Our Installers have become more efficient to the point of adding at least 3 more completed jobs to the work week that we were not doing before.” – Eddie Wester, Installed Sales GM, Harbin Lumber Co.

When you’re able to schedule and dispatch efficiently, and get all the relevant job information to the right worker, your productivity can increase dramatically. 

Here’s how simple it is

1. Click the “Scheduler” tab to see today’s schedule. Note that unassigned Jobs for this date range appear in the column at right. (You can personalize the timeframe and other settings.)


2. Let’s say you want to add the unassigned Job in yellow to Joseph Williams’ schedule. No problem – just drag and drop.

3. Click “yes” to automatically send the Job information to your technician’s mobile device via the free Work Mobile App, and you’re done!

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Bonus Tip: Your jobs get done faster, and the customer is much happier, when your technician has all the info they need before they get on site. The Work platform makes that easy! Just click the job and enter the job description, details of the problem and special instructions from the customer. 

The result

Your customers are happier because the service is better. Your employees are happier because they are more empowered to help the customer. And, you’re happier because more productivity means more money.

Take your game to the next level

Continue to improve productivity and efficiency with route optimization software, the easiest way to create daily routes for your whole team at once. Now, time-saving activities for each employee can be spread to your entire workforce, increasing and expanding the impact of these efficiency and productivity enhancements.

What do you think?

Have you tried the Work platform? Let us know the tips and tricks you’ve discovered by sending us a note on social media and we may feature you in our next Tales from the Road. If you haven’t tried it yet, we hope you will.

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