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Satisfy your customers

Deliver better fleet customer service with advanced technologies from Verizon Connect. We help you meet intense demands, personalize your service, and deliver more dependably.

Meet every need

Organize your people, vehicles and equipment to fulfill any job requirement with Verizon Connect software. Configure a variety of settings to control when and how work is done to comply with even the most complex Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Provide accurate time windows
  • Ensure worker qualifications
  • Assign appropriate vehicles and capacities
  • Security clearance
  • Frequency

Personalize your service

Use our solutions to tailor your customer support and instructions for technicians. Our handy tools let you store notes for specific customer requests and include them with driver route information.

Arrive on time

Create special routes for your customers, specifying frequency, driver and time windows. Deliver what you want—when you want—making arrangements as timely and convenient for your customers as possible. Meet the various demands of specific businesses, such as hitting the strict delivery time requirements of many food and beverage customers.

We've physically added about 9,000 gallons of daily capacity... but increased business by more than 11,000 gallons each day.
Alan Falik, President, Poolsure
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We've physically added about 9,000 gallons of daily capacity... but increased business by more than 11,000 gallons each day.
Alan Falik
President, Poolsure
Ready the full case study

Respond quicker

Take care of unplanned and urgent customer needs without major disruptions to your day’s agenda with dynamic scheduling tools from Verizon Connect. We let you add new jobs as they come in, assign the appropriate drivers and determine ETAs at customer locations, automatically reorganizing existing jobs and minimizing their interference with your regular plans.

Ready for anything

Reduce the impact of delays and other unforeseen disruptions to your service with advanced routing and communication tools from Verizon Connect. Proactively manage situations to solve problems quicker and minimize their effects on customers. Reroute drivers with ease, contact customers promptly and provide accurate, revised ETAs instantly with software designed to help you serve.

Better visibility

See the instant location and status for every delivery. Respond more quickly to customer questions and requests.

Better fleet communication

Reach your fleet more easily and make the most of those conversations. Reroute drivers at a moment’s notice.

Better customer communication

Offer your customers peace of mind with electronic delivery confirmations. Use our accurate and timely reports to keep them informed and satisfied.