Reduce fleet costs

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Get a better handle on operating costs

Find new ways to create cost savings in your fleet operations by increasing fuel efficiency, driver productivity and vehicle uptime.

Stay up to date with fleet maintenance

Implement money-saving preventative maintenance plans to help reduce costly repairs and fleet vehicle downtime. Advanced engine diagnostics, alerts and reporting help fleet managers be proactive when scheduling important vehicle maintenance.

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Get more out of your assets

Get the ROI you expect on your equipment. View detailed asset utilization reports, see your assets alongside your vehicles on a live map and stay on top of maintenance with a fleet tracking system.

Reduce equipment rentals

Save on fleet expenses by reallocating unproductive assets in near real time instead of renting expensive equipment.

Avoid installation fees

Take advantage of our exclusive OEM partnerships with commercial fleet vehicle manufacturers that offer built-in Verizon Connect GPS solutions.

Keep only the assets you need

Make better use of the equipment you own by tracking how often you use it. Sell off rarely used assets and scale back on maintenance costs.

Cut out the cost of paperwork

Reduce operational expenses and paperwork-induced headaches by switching to a digital fleet management solution. Run an efficient fleet with easy-to-use dashboards and reports, compliance tools,and mobile apps.

Coach driver safety to help your bottom line

With dashcams, safety scorecards and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), fleet tracking technology can help improve driving behavior, as well as reduce speeding tickets, accident and insurance costs, and vehicle servicing.

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Save on insurance premiums

Telematics can provide historical reports to show proof of your safe-driving record, and GPS fleet tracking can help locate stolen vehicles to help reduce insurance claim costs.

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