Improve fuel efficiency

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Less fuel means more profit

Verizon Connect software helps you save fuel and cut costs by analyzing your drivers’ behaviors, purchasing options, routes and maintenance-and proposing solutions to make your entire operation more efficient.

Stay active not idle

Eliminate wasteful engine idling and see the savings add up. Help your drivers understand the difference between necessary and unnecessary engine idling with intuitive fuel tracking tools from Verizon Connect.

Know good idling from bad

Identify and correct fuel-wasting habits with reports that distinguish between an engine running for no reason and idling that’s required to do a job, as with running a PTO unit or using a lift gate.

Minimize engine wear

Extend the life of your fleet vehicles and equipment with Verizon Connect. Our software reduces useless idling, which eases engine wear and tear and saves you money on maintenance costs.

Drive your way to a better bottom line

Help slash fuel costs by changing a few simple behaviors behind the wheel. Display driver data in our game-like leaderboard and turn maximizing fuel efficiency into a fleet-wide game. Reward the habits you want and correct the ones you don’t to make fuel efficiency a total team effort.

Boost safety

Reduce harsh driving habits and see more than a significant savings in fuel-you can help reduce the risk of costly accidents, too.

Encourage efficiency

Notify drivers about fuel-wasting habits the moment they happen with near real-time, in-cab alerts. Correct issues on the spot.

Secure your data and your savings

Make the most of your fleet fuel card program. Take advantage of the convenience and discounts fuel cards offer your fleet without the downsides of compromised data and complex reporting.

Safeguard your fuel cards

Verizon Connect software combines data points to bring potentially unauthorized fleet gas card transactions to your attention.

Link to other systems

Our solutions works seamlessly with most fuel card systems and enterprise software to minimize data entry.

Produce better reports

Verizon Connect makes fuel efficiency reporting easier and more reliable. View MPG and other efficiency measures for your entire fleet or an individual vehicle with accurate GPS tracking data.

About fuel card integrations
This platform has cut our cost dramatically... it increased our ability to get on-site quickly and efficiently.
Doug Kraus, Director of Operations, Zayo
Read the full case study
This platform has cut our cost dramatically... it increased our ability to get on-site quickly and efficiently.
Doug Kraus
Director of Operations, Zayo
Read the full case study

Plan better routes, drive fewer miles

Cut miles and the fuel it takes to cover them with Verizon Connect. Create optimal routes with your fleet management software to help see a drop in total miles driven. Get a boost to your fuel efficiency as you eliminate miles to go with labor savings and added productivity.

Avoid traffic

Add traffic layers to your maps and route around highly congested areas. Keep your drivers moving and motivated, spending less time stuck in traffic.

Dispatch effectively

Assign technicians to the jobs closest to their current locations, which cuts down on long drives and improves customer satisfaction.

Optimize route plans

Calculate complex multi-stop routes with ease thanks to the computer power of Verizon Connect solutions. Our software automates efficiency.

Maintain your fleet, save your money

Stay on top of service to get better fuel efficiency from your vehicles. Help head off higher annual fuel costs by keeping your fleet in prime condition. Schedule service intelligently and respond to problems quickly with Verizon Connect software. We help you make the repairs you need-from spark plugs and brakes to belts and sensors—to maximize your MPG.

Get service alerts

Receive maintenance notifications by date, engine hours or mileage to find out which vehicles need servicing, and when. Coordinate with your local dealer or service center to minimize downtime.

See customized data

Access rich diagnostic data specific to your vehicles with some GPS solutions, such as trucks equipped with factory-fitted hardware. Program proactive maintenance and eliminate expensive breakdowns.

Speak to service

Connect directly with your dealer to ensure timely and proper treatment of your vehicles.