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Construction equipment tracking made easy

See all your valuable assets alongside your vehicles using a GPS tracker for heavy equipment. With better visibility and in-depth reporting, you can find cost-effective ways to manage your construction site and reduce downtime.


See your heavy equipment everywhere it goes

Manage your trucks, excavators and bulldozers from a live map and locate them easily across job sites. Our heavy equipment GPS software provides near real-time status updates to show equipment location data and a breadcrumb history of where they’ve been.


Utilize assets with better reporting

Help improve equipment ROI by managing engine hours with construction equipment GPS tracking. Get in-depth reporting of PTO usage, idle times and fuel consumption to highlight equipment usage trends. Use this data for better job bidding.

Be alerted before maintenance is needed

Create service reminders and maintenance schedules for oil changes, tire rotations and brake checks to help improve uptime and keep jobs on schedule. Choose who receives alerts to handle maintenance more efficiently.

Improve security with battery-powered asset tracking

It’s easy to monitor your stationary equipment, like generators, lifts, pumps and dumpsters, with a battery-powered asset tracker. Help reduce theft and unauthorized use by receiving geofence alerts when your high-value assets are moved.

Access equipment tracking devices on the go

Act quickly with near real-time alerts and telematics data available right from your smartphone.

Case study

See how GCI Slingers uses Verizon Connect GPS fleet tracking software.

At the end of the year, I get all my PTO time, and I get a tax rebate on my off-road fuel. In 2017, that rebate was more than $90,000.

Travis Pettijohn

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