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Surveying Business Improves Efficiency With Accurate Data From GPS Vehicle Tracking System

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Everyone now fills out their time sheets accurately because they know we have the ability to check it with Verizon Connect REVEAL. So there has definitely been a return on investment in terms of wages.
Chris Beattie

Advance Scanning is one of the largest Utility Surveying companies in Western Australia, and are the most diversified company for the use of 3D Ground Penetrating Radar in Australia, providing geotechnical, structural analysis and non-destructive testing solutions.

With a growing number of mobile employees, Advance Scanning found it difficult to keep track of employee hours and vehicle locations. They implemented GPS vehicle tracking with Reveal and have since improved their business with customer invoicing and better payroll management.

Keeping Employees Honest

Reveal's employee tracking software allows Advance Scanning to verify hours worked and eliminate discrepancies with time sheets. It helps keep their employees honest.

“Everyone now fills out their time sheets accurately because they know we have the ability to check it with Reveal. Whether we do or not, it doesn’t matter. I think it is just in the back of their minds. They are more aware as they don’t want to rort the system because they know they’ll get caught out. So there has definitely been a return on investment in terms of wages,” said Chris Beattie, Manager, Advance Scanning.

Estimated Times of Arrival Now Instantly Available

Without GPS vehicle tracking, Advance Scanning lacked the immediate access to data to provide their customers with estimated arrival times.

Now with Reveal, Advance Scanning can view their entire fleet via the live map. They can easily provide their customers with an estimated time of arrival, which is particularly useful if one of their drivers is running behind.

“Our guys are on a pretty tight schedule each day, so we often get queries asking how long they are going to be before they get to the site. So without having to call the guys and then call the client back, we can just see on Reveal and provide customers with an instant estimate on how long they’re going to be. It’s much easier!”

Supporting Claims with Accurate Data

On occasions where customers dispute the hours staff are on site, Advance Scanning can now refer to data on Reveal to prove the time spent on site.

“We have a few clients who dispute the amount of time we may be on site and we use the Reveal data to go back to them and prove that our vehicles were in fact on site for that amount of time.”

Quick Return on Investment

Since the implementation of Reveal, Advance Scanning has been able to help ensure they are only paying for hours worked by verifying their employees start and finish times. Their customers can also be reassured with estimated arrival times.

“The overall experience with Reveal has been good, from support to really everything. The system is really good and very reliable,” said Chris Beattie, Manager, Advance Scanning.

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