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Civil Construction Business Has Saved $10,000 Since Using Verizon Connect

We are happy with the benefits that have come from using Verizon Connect.
Business Owner

Based in Brisbane, Queensland Civil Group provides civil project services to a number of local councils. Since 2011 they have grown into a leading concrete and construction company known for quality, cost-effective and on-time delivery of projects. 

$10,000 Saved From Fuel Tax Credits

Queensland Civil Group were looking for ways to reduce their fuel costs - a concern for many construction companies. They knew they could claim back an additional 25.8 cents per litre of Fuel Tax Credits for the amount of fuel their vehicles used while driving off-road. However, they didn’t have a reliable way to track off-road fuel consumption. 

After implementing Verizon Connect, they have full visibility over the routes of their vehicles and the system accurately calculates their off-road fuel usage. This allowed Queensland Civil Group to claim back the full amount of FTC they were entitled to, saving their business around $10,000 per year on fuel costs. 

More Efficient Service Keeps Clients Happy

Before Queensland Civil Group started using Verizon Connect, updating their clients with ETAs was a frustrating process. Whenever a customer asked for an ETA, they had to first call the drivers to confirm and then call the client back. 

Now Queensland Civil Group can improve customer satisfaction by using near real-time vehicle location to provide instant ETA updates. There’s no need to make multiple calls and clients can get the information they need straight away. 

By using our GPS vehicle tracking technology, Queensland Civil Group can also assign new jobs to the nearest vehicle, helping them to increase efficiency and get more jobs done in the day. A win-win situation for both the business and clients. 

Putting A Brake On Unsafe Driving

Queensland Civil Group uses Verizon Connect Integrated Video to monitor how their vehicles are being driven on the roads. Integrated Video provides video footage of dangerous driving incidents, as well as alerts for harsh driving such as speeding or hard braking to show the driver how they can drive more safely. This lowers the risk of accidents and gives David more control over his team’s safety while on the road. 

A Powerful Solution For Growing Businesses

Since using Verizon Connect to gain more visibility over their fleet, Queensland Civil Group has seen multiple benefits across their business. These include significant reduction in fuel costs, increased productivity and improved driver behaviour. Queensland Civil is now a strong believer in the value of Verizon Connect and recommends it to other businesses that are looking for a good return on investment. 

"We are happy with the benefits that have come from using Verizon Connect." - Business Owner

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