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Tasmanian Transport Company Switched To A More User-Friendly Tracking Solution

We haven’t had such good management of our fleet before Verizon Connect
Gary Rayner

Rayner Transport is a Tasmanian owned and operated company specialising in bulk deliveries. They originally implemented GPS tracking to help improve fleet visibility and to reduce time spent checking in on drivers.

However, Rayner Transport weren’t happy with their previous GPS tracking provider. The solution was too complicated to operate and they weren’t reaping the benefits from the system. They didn’t see any value in it.

Why Switching Was A Simple Choice

Gary Rayner found Verizon Connect and was curious to see how it was different to their current solution at the time. Once he and the team saw how much more user friendly Verizon Connect’s solution was, they were instantly sold and switched as soon as they could.  

“We’ve moved to a far more efficient system” - Gary Rayner, Owner, Rayner Transport.

A User Friendly Solution Made Everything Easier

Rayner Transport is seeing a wide array of benefits since switching to Verizon Connect. Now they get the reports they need every morning,  on time, without an issue. 

Rayner Transport love how easy it is to set up reports on Verizon Connect. With their previous provider, building reports was complicated and time-consuming. They often had to reach out to the provider for help just to create basic reports. Whereas with Verizon Connect, Rayner Transport can comfortably make any report they want without any assistance, which has made life a lot simpler for them.

“It’s made everything easier and more efficient” - Gary Rayner

Improve Visibility For Workers On Remote Sites

Prior to implementing Verizon Connect, the management team at Rayner Transport lacked the ability to monitor work completed on site by remote employees. There used to be issues where the work being completed on remote sites didn’t always match up with what the employees claimed. Now, Verizon Connect’s easy and accurate reporting helps Rayner Transport verify that these employees are completing the work they claim to be doing. 

Data Confirms Good Driver Behaviour

Gary Rayner says they also use the reports to check on any harsh driving incidents across their fleet, which is something they previously didn’t have. This report has had a positive impact on Rayner transport as they can see that their team drives very safely. 

“We run reports on harsh driving and it’s quite heartening to see how good our drivers are” - Gary Rayner

Very Happy Customers

Rayner Transport are extremely happy with Verizon Connect and what they get from the solution. It’s made their business more efficient with easy-to-read reports, accurate data and increased visibility.

Rayner Transport are happy they made the switch and see Verizon Connect as the benchmark of GPS tracking.

“We haven’t had such good management of our fleet before Verizon Connect” - Gary Rayner.

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