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Top Removal Company Reduces Fuel and Labour Costs with Verizon Connect Reveal

We have cut idle times by half with Verizon Connect, which has helped reduce our fuel bill by 10%.
Craig Jones

Aussiemove’s packing, storage and moving solutions have been in operation servicing Australia since 1987. Craig Jones joined Aussiemove in 1993 as a sales consultant and now, Craig is the General Manager/Director of Aussiemove and also the South Australian Regional Chairman of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), of which Aussiemove is a member.

To help improve efficiencies and reduce costs, Aussiemove decided to implement Reveal, a fleet management system. Since the implementation of Reveal, Aussiemove found it had reductions in payroll, fuel wastage and improved vehicle safety and fleet management efficiencies through better journey mapping.

“The main reason I looked into tracking is because I had no idea where the vehicles were located during the day. Now, we are able to monitor staff and vehicle movements. Plus, we are seeing even more benefits with Reveal.” Craig Jones, General Manager/Director, Aussiemove International Movers, South Australia.

Reveal Verifies Employees Daily Activities and Routes Travelled

Journey detours or lengthy vehicle stops can cause delays for an Aussiemove client and subsequently increase fuel usage and the time paid to employees over and above their contracted hours. The Reveal Route Replay function provides Aussiemove with a way to help ensure only the most efficient routes have been taken.

“Route replay is great when we think the travel time is too much from one job to the next, as this is costly with hourly rate type work. So, if we estimate a truck should take 30 minutes to get from A-B and if in an hour they still don’t get there, we can now see what route they took and why it took so long.” Craig Jones

Aussiemove have also used Reveal to monitor their fleet’s most popular visited spots which helps in tracking what their employees are doing in-between jobs too.

“With Reveal, we can see what drivers are doing in between the day. We have set up Geofences around rail terminals, wharfs, deli’s and a McDonald’s store nearby, so I know if the trucks are parked there. This has helped me reduce payroll costs.” Craig Jones

Whether it’s from his desktop computer or mobile device, Craig can monitor exactly where his trucks are and where they’re supposed to be next.

“I know how long it takes for a truck to get to its location, I know how long they’ve been there, when they turn the key off. I know what’s happening from my desk.” Craig Jones

With GPS vehicle tracking, employees can no longer stretch out their hours at the end of their shift. Aussiemove know when their trucks have returned to the yard and when the key has been switched off.

“We have been able to save money with reducing after hours pay. Now, we know the exact time they return to the yard, so we do not have to pay extra wages and can pay them for the true finish times. We’ve reduced payroll by up to 10% with the help of Reveal.” Craig Jones

Reveal Monitors Driving Behaviours and Proves Aussiemove Innocent in Road Accident

The benefits of GPS tracking extends beyond monitoring journeys from A-B. In an unfortunate road accident last year, Aussiemove was able to lean on the reports Reveal generated to accurately demonstrate to local authorities that their vehicle was not at fault.

“Our truck was involved in an accident last year and we were luckily able to prove that our vehicle wasn’t speeding at the time. This meant we avoided any fines, as we could provide proof to show what our truck was doing at the time.” Craig Jones

Safe driving is impressed upon employees and reinforced by the Reveal safety score card feature. Tangible driving KPI’s and healthy competition amongst employees has helped to reduce wear and tear on vehicles, eliminate traffic infringements and reduce fuel wastage.

“I run the safety score card per person. I check their score and can see how they match up against each other. It’s created a bit of competition really, as everyone is trying to be the better driver.” Craig Jones

Aussiemove Estimates It Cut Its Fuel Bill by 10% By Eliminating Vehicle Idling

Vehicles left idling excessively were burning fuel. It wasn’t until a GPS vehicle tracking system was installed could the company see how expensive it really was and take action against fuel wastage.

“We have cut idle times by half with Reveal, which has helped reduce our fuel bill by 10%.” Craig Jones

After eliminating unnecessary idling and witnessing the 10% fuel savings, Craig now keeps a close eye on how his entire fleet operates from all perspectives.

“I save time by looking at the simple dashboard on my iPhone. It’s very easy. I can quickly see the safety score per vehicle, speeding violations, harsh driving, idling, distance traveled and wasted fuel. I have it for the entire fleet on my phone.” Craig Jones

Vehicle Maintenance Made Easy With Reveal

Reveal provides Aussiemove with monthly maintenance reports informing them when vehicle maintenance is due. The date, mileage and even the hours of use can be calculated per vehicle ensuring they know when routine maintenance is needed!

“Reveal helps with maintenance. I get a report at the end of every month emailed to me telling me which vehicles are due for service, or what maintenance needs to be done. We can also see how many Kilometre’s the trucks have done over the month. This helps with planning servicing and maintenance as well.” Craig Jones

Customer Referrals: The Best Acknowledgement that Reveal Really Does Improve Business!

Aussiemove has been using Reveal since 2015 and with over 25 employees and 17 tracked vehicles, they have saved money on fuel, payroll and enhanced the safety of their employees and vehicles. Reveal has proven to be an asset to Aussiemove, one of Australia’s top removal companies.

“Reveal has been so good to me that I’ve referred it to other transport companies.”  Craig Jones, General Manager/Director, Aussiemove International Movers, South Australia.

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