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Case study

AI dashcams deliver rapid ROI for luxury furniture manufacturer

Our new AI dash cams have already paid for themselves.
JD Theobald
National Transport Manager

Since 2011, Lounge Lovers has been on a mission to offer accessible, affordable and design-led furniture to the people of Australia. The company aims to keep costs down for its customers by cutting out the middleman and shipping directly to the door. 

Lounge Lovers operates an 18-strong fleet of vans and five heavy rigid trucks across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to achieve this aim. As well as delivering furniture locally, the company’s fleet transfers goods across the interstate between its warehouse hubs. 

The challenge

Like many fleet-reliant businesses, Lounge Lovers wanted an extra pair of eyes on the road. With drivers behind the wheel or at customer sites, it was not always easy to build an accurate picture of the mobile operation. 

National Transport Manager JD Theobald needed a solution that allowed him to monitor vehicle location quickly and easily and provide actionable insight into operating costs. 

A reliable tracking solution could also allow JD and his team to assess driving styles, tailor coaching, and improve safety and efficiency. 

With a large and potentially growing fleet, keeping on top of maintenance is another top priority. Lounge Lovers require a solution that can help its teams take a proactive approach to servicing and repairs. 

The solution

After a successful deployment, implementation and ongoing experience, Lounge Lovers did not hesitate to renew its contract with Verizon Connect. Along with the effectiveness of the solution, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing played a large part in this decision. 

“I chose to stay with Verizon Connect mainly because of the great customer service. All of the staff I deal with are top-class. I actually look forward to our interactions.”

With Reveal’s GPS tracking capabilities, JD can monitor the location and status of vehicles in near real-time. With data gathered on speeding and harsh driving, he can also coach safer and more fuel-friendly driving styles across the company’s fleet. 

During the latest renewal process, Lounge Lovers opted to integrate AI-powered in-cab video into their fleet management solution to get an extra pair of eyes on the road with every driver. 

The result

Verizon Connect helps Lounge Lovers gain a complete picture of its operation – and drive safety and efficiency across its fleet in a number of ways. 

Integrated dashcams with AI classification allow staff to assess and address unsafe incidents on the road within minutes without having to trawl through hours of footage. 

“Our new AI dash cams have already paid for themselves.” – JD Theobald, National Transport Manager.

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