Fleet Tracking Dashcam For Commercial Vehicles

With Verizon Connect Integrated Video get dashcams with GPS tracking Help mitigate accident risk and coach your drivers with HD video, AI and driver data.

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Help protect your commercial vehicles and coach your drivers

Context is important for harsh driving events. When unsafe driving behaviour occurs, you can view the dashcam video to better understand what happened before and after, and provide video evidence in the event of a false insurance claim.

Watch relevant video clips within minutes of an unsafe event

You see what’s important to you with AI-classified videos. Smart video technology lets fleet managers know how severe an event was, such as whether it was a near miss or an actual collision. Take corrective action without sifting through hours of video.

How smart video works

The dash camera begins recording

Once the engine turns on, the camera system will begin recording and continue to do so until the engine is off.

A harsh driving event occurs

The AI engine begins to review the footage based on driver behaviour triggers - hard braking, hard cornering or rapid acceleration.

The AI engine classifies the event

The video clip of the harsh driving event is classified as a collision, dangerous, harsh driving or low risk.

You receive an alert within minutes

You can watch the video in Reveal on mobile or desktop or download it for later use.

See video footage alongside fleet data

Watch video events on your smartphone or computer, know who the driver was and how fast they were going, and see vehicle location with GPS tracking. Plus, you get an alert when a video is available—all on the Reveal platform.

Learn more about fleet tracking

Video classifications get even better as our camera system gets to know our users

Machine learning takes user ratings from the platform to help improve the accuracy of future classifications for everyone.

Request on-demand clips from available video footage

Submit a request for video footage available on your SD card, preview the clip and receive an email within minutes to view the video.

Frequently asked questions

Does Verizon Connect provide me with fleet dash cameras to use?

Yes, our Integrated Video offering includes the hardware.

Do I need to have Reveal to use the dashboard cameras?

Yes, since the dash cameras come with GPS tracking they require the Verizon Connect Reveal platform to function and to make footage available for viewing. Learn more about fleet tracking.

What events trigger the dashboard camera?

Unsafe driving events such as hard braking, hard accelerating, and hard cornering will trigger the dashcam.

How long after unsafe driving occurs will I be able to review my video?

The average turnaround time for video availability is 3-5 minutes.

How long do you keep the dashcam footage for?

Dashcam footage of driving events is available for download for 90 days from the day of the incident.

Can I see the speed overlay of the vehicle in the video?

Yes, you can see the speed of the vehicle in the video in the upper right corner while the video is playing. This helps add needed context when coaching drivers.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you can download a video and save it to your desktop or email it to yourself or someone else.

Can I submit a request for footage during a specific date and time?

Yes, you can request on-demand video requests as long as they are within the available footage on your SD memory card. You simply go into the Reveal platform, preview the clips you want to request, submit the request, and you will receive an email within minutes with the video clip you want.

How does installation work?

The dash camera will be discreetly installed by professionals on the windshield behind the rear-view mirror of most fleet vehicles and trucks. Typically, this should be no more than five inches below the top of the windshield and should not obstruct the driver’s view.

How can fleet dashcams help with driver safety?

By reviewing video footage of harsh driving events, you can better understand the context of why a driver is making a quick turn, hard stop or fast acceleration. This can help you more specifically coach your drivers to help improve future driving behaviour.

Do dash camera systems provide benefits through my insurance company?

It’s possible that you may receive discounts through your insurance company when you install dashcams. You should check with your provider for more information.

Can you live stream a driver’s camera?

Our dashcams do not offer live video streaming, as our goal is to help fleet managers and business owners focus on the harsh driving events that need their attention. Receiving relevant video clips helps save time, so you don’t have to sift through hours of footage.

Do the cameras operate through Wi-Fi?

Our dashcams do not require Wi-Fi to operate.

Do your fleet cameras have night vision or low-light capability?

Our cameras use the natural ambient light in the environment, plus the artificial lighting from the vehicle’s headlights, streetlights and so on. Combined with HD quality, the camera provides good visibility during both day and night time driving.

Dashboard camera features that matter to you

720p HD video
Enjoy clear, high-quality footage

150° view
See the driver’s field of vision

Withstands high heat and vibrations

Cloud storage
Your video clips are available for 90 days

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