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Excavation Company Switches To Verizon Connect

I read what these other companies have to offer and Verizon Connect just stood out.
Lisa Teuma
Partner, Evergreen Excavation & Demolition

Commencing operations in 2003, Evergreen Excavation & Demolition have grown as a business, going from strength to strength over time. Based in Sydney’s northwest, Evergreen Excavation & Demolition wanted to find a GPS Tracking provider to help them work more efficiently. They had a couple of false starts with other GPS Tracking Providers who did not deliver on their promises. Evergreen Excavation & Demolition eventually found that Verizon Connect was the solution they needed.

Issues With The Previous Providers

Evergreen Excavation & Demolition tried two GPS tracking systems before switching to Verizon Connect. The first provider didn’t have great support and the second provider supplied a faulty product which was never repaired. 

Lisa Teuma, Partner of Evergreen Excavation & Demolition, thought their first provider’s customer support team had limited knowledge about the product, which made resolving specific issues challenging. On top of that, they tried to charge Evergreen Excavation & Demolition a huge fee to upgrade their GPS when the technology became outdated. Evergreen Excavation & Demolition were shocked that updates, to simply keep their tech current, weren’t included in the original agreement. As a result, they began looking for a new GPS provider.

The next provider they found was cheaper, but didn’t deliver on what was promised. From the start, Evergreen Excavation & Demolition had issues with faulty trackers that were never resolved.

“One of the trackers never worked from day one. We’re in Sydney and it was saying it’s up in Queensland.” - Lisa Teuma, Partner

No matter how Lisa tried to contact the provider, to fix the faulty tracker, she was met with silence. Unfortunately, she was unable to resolve the issue. She tried to get the third party who installed the trackers to remove them, but had no luck.

After realising no one would help, Lisa removed the faulty trackers herself. Lisa still has them sitting on her desk, over a year after installation, waiting to receive a refund. 

Customer Support Is Key

Learning from their past experiences, Lisa and the team at Evergreen Excavation & Demolition did their research. They compared solutions, companies, capabilities, and checked reviews before settling on Verizon Connect. Lisa was excited that they offered local customer support, a dedicated account manager, ongoing live training, and free upgrades and updates.

“I read what these other companies have to offer and Verizon Connect just stood out” - Lisa Teuma, Partner

One of the key reasons Evergreen Excavation & Demolition chose Verizon Connect is ongoing customer service and training, well after the first point of sale. They’ve learnt how to get the most out of Verizon Connect through the live training courses. Lisa is keen to continue participating in the ongoing training that is offered.

“Verizon Connect offers training which is helpful. I’ve done a training session which was brilliant, and I want to do more.” - Lisa Teuma

Since switching, Evergreen Excavation & Demolition are impressed by Verizon Connect’s ability to follow through on what it claims to be able to do. 

Improving Efficiency & Productivity

Evergreen Excavation & Demolition have seen improvements in their productivity and efficiency. They’ve been using the live map feature daily to make sure trucks are moving and everyone is starting on time. 

Also, with the help of Verizon Connect, they have reduced wasted time on site by planning better and allocating resources as they’re required.

“Before we had to ring them, and obviously you don’t want to be on the phone to the guys when they’re driving. Now we just look at the app and see who’s at their next job and who’s on the way back for their next load.” - Lisa Teuma, Partner

Delivering on Promises

Lisa and the team at Evergreen Excavation & Demolition have integrated Verizon Connect into their business seamlessly. Verizon Connect has delivered on their promises, making it an ideal system for Evergreen Excavation & Demolition.

“Verizon Connect says this is what’s gonna happen and it happens. Whereas in the past we got promised a lot and it’s not very often they delivered.” - Lisa Teuma, Partner

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a GPS tracking provider who charges additional costs for upgrades and lacks local customer support or ongoing, live training. Talk to Verizon Connect to avoid these pitfalls.

Book a demo now to ensure you choose the right GPS tracking provider. 

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