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Case study

Landscape Business Improves Arrival Times and Delivers on Customer Service Guarantee With GPS Vehicle Tracking

I was able to see the benefits that Verizon Connect would give us compared to its competitors. There was no sales pitch, thankfully just an enthusiastic Verizon Connect representative showing me exactly what the system could do. That sold it for me!
Kylie Pitt

Based in Sunshine Coast Queensland, Coastal Landscape Supplies is predominantly a trade centre that supplies to retail, commercial and civil business. Coastal Landscape Supplies wanted to improve their customer service with better delivery times. They needed to know where their vehicles were or, pre-empt any potential delay so their customers could be better informed.

Why Choose Reveal

Coastal Landscape Supplies searched for a vehicle tracking system for three years, before they came across the perfect fit for them with Reveal. Kylie Pitt, Owner, said, “I was able to see the benefits that Reveal would give us compared to its competitors. There was no sales pitch, thankfully just an enthusiastic Reveal representative showing me exactly what the system could do. That sold it for me!” 

Hours Tracked Eliminates Wastage

Coastal Landscape Supplies suspected that there were issues with time management, productivity and efficiency but didn’t have data to confirm their suspicions.

With Reveal, Coastal Landscape Supplies can verify their field teams lunch breaks and confirm onsite arrival and departure times.

“We knew there were issues but had no accurate data to support it. The occasion where something doesn’t marry up with hours, we now have that data to say - well why were you at this location when you were supposed to be here at that time? Our staff also know the trucks are tracked so we’ve reduced a lot of wasted time” Kylie Pitt.

Idling Under Control

Fleet tracking can help eliminate wasted fuel consumption by providing real time insights as to how vehicles are being used. Coastal Landscape Supplies are now able to help reduce excessive idling and eliminate fleet fuel wastage with Reveal.

Kylie said, “If any vehicle is idling more than 20mins I get an alert and then I’m on the phone asking the driver why their truck is idling for so long.”

ETA’s Eases Customers

With GPS vehicle tracking, Coastal Landscape Supplies can reassure their customers with estimated arrival times. “Reveal allows us to let our customers know exactly where the deliveries are. Straight away on the phone we can tell the customer how far away they are. That allows our customer to have more faith in what we do because they know we are looking out for them and making their business run smoothly.” Kylie Pitt.

Improvements for Coastal Landscape Services

Since Coastal Landscape Services have implemented Reveal they have used the data and are working to eliminate fuel wasting behaviour by monitoring how their drivers are using their vehicles resulting in reduced fuel costs, help reduce timesheet fraud by verifying start and finish times, and deliver on their customer service guarantee by providing ETAs.

“Using Reveal allows us to meet our commitment to our customers and create an efficient operation.Anything we have ever needed from Reveal we simply call and ask. Everyone is very friendly.” Kylie Pitt.

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