John Chichkan, Workplace Health Safety & Compliance Manager

Concrete and Construction GPS Tracking Solution Improves Efficiency and Productivity Across Fleet

Azzurri Concrete Group was formed in March 2004 by a group of construction industry professionals, who are highly regarded in the field of Concrete Construction and Concrete Contracting. John Chichkan, implemented Reveal, a near real-time GPS vehicle tracking system over their fleet of 41 vehicles and since, has observed ongoing vehicle tracking benefits. 

“Reveal has provided us with further in-depth data and information. We can now monitor motor vehicle servicing and ongoing cost allocations. Plus from an insurance and operational perspective, we have experienced cost reduction benefits.”  - John Chichkan, Workplace Health Safety & Compliance Manager at Azzurri Concrete. 

With the move away from the 2G network, Azzurri’s previous provider were demanding huge upfront costs to upgrade the technology. 

“We were previously using another provider and that provider was moving their system to a 4G system which required a sizeable re-investment from our part.” said John Chichkan. 

Azzurri Concrete Group didn’t want to incur the costs of upgrading to the 4G network. They wanted to understand what other GPS fleet monitoring systems were available on the market and what would give them the best return on investment. They came across Reveal and learned that not only does Reveal make it easy to switch, but Reveal provides additional value with certain incremental and version upgrades, at no additional cost to the customer. So, Azzurri can enjoy peace of mind with some Reveal upgrades at no additional costs.  

Help Increased Safe driving habits and vehicle monitoring with Full Visibility of Fleet

Azzurri Concrete Group are now able to capture the activity of their drivers with simple and easy to read reports and dashboards. The platform also sends alert notifications to owners to help monitor proper use of vehicles and raises awareness of violations when they occur – all virtually, in near real time. 

Furthermore, the increased visibility and access to data allows Azzurri Concrete Group to investigate and follow up with drivers on road violations, allowing Azzurri Concrete Group to combat poor driver behaviour habits.

“In the driver behaviour reports, one of our drivers was showing for harsh acceleration and harsh braking and since has adjusted his driving style.” explains John Chichkan. 

Validating Billing with Accurate Data

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Azzurri Concrete Group needed to take the guesswork out of their billing. The hire of their machines is time based, which means they need data around hours, to correctly charge clients. 

“We have gone into a new business stream, which is based on the time from when a vehicle leaves our premises from the time that it returns and Reveal has assisted in us billing clients for those actual times.” explains John Chichkan. 

Now with GPS vehicle tracking, Azzurri Concrete Group can verify arrival and departure times, which allows them to accurately bill their customers. Also, if a customer disputes a bill, they have data to resolve the concerns.

“Previously there were question marks over start and finish times when clients would operate our machinery, however Reveal enables us to accurately bill our clients, then also have factual data to substantiate our billing.” said John Chichkan. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking Features Increases Efficiency and Productivity 

Since the implementation of Reveal, John can monitor their fleet of 41 vehicles via the live map, which helps improve efficiencies and increase productivity.

To keep up with their busy business, John uses Reveal's mobile app on the go - which means he can have a clear view with key information about his team from anywhere, anytime. John is glad he made the switch from the previous provider.

“Our existing provider gave us the basics of GPS tracking but Reveal provides more in depth benefits. The product keeps to its word and has given us tangible cost benefits.” explains John Chichkan.

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