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We’ve been building fleet management solutions since the turn of the century. We’ve come a long way, we’re excited about the future and we’re eager to keep making a positive difference in the day to day lives of our customers.


In the driver behaviour reports, one of our drivers was showing for harsh acceleration and harsh braking and since has adjusted his driving style.

John Chichkan
Compliance Manager, Azzurri Concrete


Being able to locate your fleet in real time is a big benefit. It saves calling four or five staff checking their location just to find the nearest one.

Adam Moore
State purchasing manager

Fuel spend

There’s so many benefits to Verizon Connect Reveal, it’s incomprehensible why you wouldn’t have it now.

Dave Watt
Manager Australian Road Services


If we have any perceived issues in regards to speeding or harsh driving, or issues on the road we quickly turn to Reveal to provide reports, and thankfully 99% of the time there isn’t an issue and we can give credible data, which give our clients the assurance that we are in control.

David Haust
Director and Owner, Go West Tours WA

Increased profitability

At the very least we are getting 10 - 12 times the return on investment from having Verizon Connect Reveal.

Michael Rechenberg
Managing Director

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