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Case study

Trade services firm improves efficiency and response times with Verizon Connect

We have implemented procedures to accurately invoice on-site time and enforce accountability among staff for their time and vehicle management.
Matthew Kennedy
Branch Manager

Recognised as a leader in plumbing, asbestos removal and environmental services, the company is guided by its motto – ‘a better way’. This ethos is behind Kennedys Group’s outstanding reputation for delivering quality work on time, every time. 

With a 125-strong fleet operating across six office locations and numerous job sites, the Kennedys team delivers a comprehensive suite of commercial and industrial business trade solutions spanning installation, commissioning and decommissioning, testing, resource use auditing, scheduled and emergency maintenance, facilities management and specialist services.

The challenge 

As Kennedys Group provides such a vital service to its communities, response time is critical. Customers must be assured that technicians are on hand to address emergency call-outs and other urgent jobs – and this is only possible with real-time visibility into fleet operations. 

For this reason, Branch Manager Matthew Kennedy and his teams needed a solution to enable them to find and deploy personnel in a matter of minutes.

“Our capacity to swiftly address emergency call-outs hinges on our strategic deployment of personnel based on proximity to the site.” - Matthew Kennedy, Branch Manager

As every second counts, on-site durations and arrival times are meticulously managed. Therefore, Kennedys Group also require automated and up-to-the-minute tracking capabilities to respond to customer queries, provide accurate ETAs and proof of service, and ensure the efficiency of its routes.

Finally, with safety paramount, management need the tools to monitor and manage instances of speeding and careless driving.

The solution

Kennedys Group chose Verizon Connect thanks to our comprehensive fleet management solution. With our applications in place, the company is confident that it has the flexibility, technical tools and easy scalability to manage its large and growing fleet – at a competitive price.

After a smooth implementation process across the group’s powered and non-powered assets, the Verizon Connect solution has increased accountability among fieldworkers, improved response times and enhanced customer service.

“Our technicians now demonstrate an understanding of their responsibilities, ensuring prompt and accurate responses to client inquiries.”

With insight into speeding and harsh or careless driving, Kennedys Group management also has the tools to promote fleet safety and better understand and mitigate the impact of driving styles on fuel economy.

The result

Verizon Connect helps Kennedys Group instil a greater sense of responsibility in its drivers, which has resulted in a notable shift in driving habits.

“Our drivers now exhibit greater responsibility in their driving behaviour, resulting in a significant decrease in speeding violations.”

As well as helping to reduce traffic infringements, our solution has empowered Kennedys Group to drive productivity and efficiency in numerous ways.

Insight into fuel consumption versus expected MPG has helped to increase fuel consumption, while live location and status information help management teams track both powered and non-powered asset utilisation across job sites.

“The [Verizon Connect solution’s] enhanced tracking capabilities allow for effortless identification and management of non-powered assets shared across branches.”

Data gathered by the solution on everything from start and finish time to on-site duration has also helped the company improve the accuracy of its timesheet and billing processes to drive greater efficiency.

“We have implemented procedures to accurately invoice on-site time and enforce accountability among staff for their time and vehicle management.”

Perhaps most crucially, Kennedys Group is much better positioned to respond to emergency call-outs. With live location data on assets and technicians, branch managers can quickly and easily find, allocate and deploy the nearest teams and equipment to any job.

“[Verizon Connect] has improved time to locate non-powered assets and techs when needed for emergency works.”

With an eye on the future, the group is looking forward to extending its 4G capabilities throughout its non-powered assets with the help of the Verizon Connect team, ensuring uniformity and optimal performance across the board.

“The dedicated staff at Verizon Connect consistently demonstrate a willingness to invest the necessary time to resolve issues and complete upgrade projects efficiently.”

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