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Case study

Plumbing Company Eliminates Fuel Wastage With Vehicle Tracking

It goes without saying, that since we have implemented Verizon Connect REVEAL, the savings have been significant across all aspects of the business.
Michael Chester

Michael Chester founded Sun City Plumbing in Geraldton, in 2000. Since, the company has grown from three to 70 employees, becoming one of the largest plumbing providers in the Mid-West region throughout Western Australia.

Covering locations over one thousand Kilometers from their Geraldton office, fleet tracking was essential to improve visibility of their fleet in remote areas. Following implementing Reveal, Sun City Plumbing noticed further vehicle tracking benefits.

Reduced Fuel Wastage on Inefficient Routes

Sun City Plumbing can now quickly locate their vehicles on Reveal's live map. This allows them to identify the closest vehicle to dispatch jobs. As the business services a large territory, this helps them to reduce fuel wastage on inefficient routes.

Michael Chester, Director of Sun City Plumbing said “Just knowing where our vehicles are and being able to schedule jobs based on where vehicles are situated is a great benefit. If an employee is in the area and another job comes in, we can send the closest vehicle to that job.”

Accurate Start and Finish Times

Reveal's tracking software helps Sun City Plumbing reduce labour costs, by helping to eliminate discrepancies on manual time sheets.

Michael said, “Sun City managers can now verify employee start times and finish times with Reveal. It takes the guesswork out and provides a check and measure. Employees know we are using Reveal to verify hours and if there is a variance, managers bring it up at the time and sort it out.”

Better Customer Service

Another benefit of vehicle tracking is being able to immediately provide customers with information regarding arrival times and actual hours worked.

Michael said, “Our customers have peace of mind as we can quickly provide regular and accurate ETA updates. We can also verify the time our employee’s spent on site, without relying on inaccurate handwritten timesheets.”

Reveal Was A Very Good Decision!

Since implementing Reveal, Sun City Plumbing can monitor their entire fleet from their live map and provide arrival times to their customers. They have improved their dispatching which has helped to eliminate inefficient routes and reduce fuel too.

“It goes without saying, that since we have implemented Reveal, the savings have been significant across all aspects of the business. We looked at many fleet tracking systems before deciding to go with Reveal but in the end it was the correct choice especially from a financial and customer support perspective. So overall, a very good decision!” Michael Chester, Director, Sun City Plumbing WA.


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