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Food Service Company See Maintenance, Labour and Billing Improvements From Vehicle Tracking

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We use Verizon Connect REVEAL to see how the technicians are using their time - making sure they’re filling out the time sheets correctly. I can even see how long they’ve stopped for lunch or how many breaks they had throughout the day.
Kyle Ford
Service Manager

Established in Sydney Australia 1976, CBS Foodtech has become one of the fastest growing suppliers in the food processing industry.

CBS Foodtech began their search for a reliable GPS vehicle tracking system to maintain their high service standard and reputation in the industry.

Why Implement GPS Vehicle Tracking? Full Fleet Visibility for Quick Dispatch!

The growing demand for CBS Foodtech’s services requires their business to be able to accept ‘on-demand’ jobs and immediately dispatch them in a timely fashion. With Reveal, CBS Foodtech can see their entire fleet via the live map, which helps them quickly identify the nearest driver for more efficient dispatching.

“The main reason for installing vehicle trackers was for job allocation. If the guys are all out at the jobs and the service manager receives a call for another job, I can easily see where all the vehicles are and choose the vehicle closest to the job for allocation. This allows us to efficiently dispatch jobs. It’s great to be able to see the vehicles and the customer locations all on the live map, so I can dispatch jobs throughout the day,” said Kyle Ford, Service Manager, CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd.

Ensure Accuracy with Employee Time Sheets

With Reveal, CBS Foodtech can verify their employees start and finish times and monitor their productivity. The slightest time sheet variation can have an impact on payroll costs.

“We use Reveal to see how the technicians are using their time - making sure they’re filling out the time sheets correctly. For example, if they fill out their time sheet to say they arrive at a job at 10 o’clock, I can check that on Reveal. I can even see how long they’ve stopped for lunch or how many breaks they had throughout the day. ”

Reveal Replay: A Quick Resolution for Customer Concerns

With Reveal, CBS Foodtech can replay an employee’s day. For CBS Foodtech, this functionality has helped to quickly resolve some customer-billing concerns.

“If a customer complains that we charged them for three hours of work when we were only at the site for two hours, I can check on Reveal. I can see exactly what time the guys arrived and what time they left. We can easily resolve customer concerns and make sure we are billing correctly.”

Visibility of Driver Activity Eliminates Harsh Driving

CBS Foodtech have found the use of GPS vehicle tracking helpful to work towards eliminating bad driving habits. With Reveal, CBS Foodtech can generate reports to see how individual drivers are behaving on the road.

“We now have harsh driving statistics with Reveal. We looked at those and saw that certain members of the team were driving a lot more erratically than others. We’ve managed to put a stop to that because we can directly see who is driving recklessly.”

Never Forget Another Vehicle Service!

CBS Foodtech benefit from the service and maintenance reminders that Reveal has to offer. They help CBS Foodtech ensure there is always a well-maintained and reliable vehicle on the road by setting up alerts regarding routine maintenance. Most importantly, they can be sure to never lose a day of productivity from multiple vehicles being off the road for routine servicing.

“We are also using Reveal for maintenance service reminders. I get notifications telling me when the service for vehicles is due. When we were doing it manually before, we missed quite a lot of maintenance services. When we’d have one vehicle taken a look at, the mechanic would tell us the servicing was way overdue! So then we’d end up booking all the vehicles in! Now, we can monitor it and I can prioritise which vehicles need to be serviced. So, we always have enough vehicles available to go out on the road.”

GPS Vehicle Tracking Makes Planning Easier

Now with the help of Reveal, CBS Foodtech can verify employee time sheets, eliminate harsh driving and keep up to date with maintenance. GPS vehicle tracking also helps with efficient job planning for CBS Foodtech.

“Reveal is so handy for planning jobs in the morning or the night before. I can log on, see who’s going to be doing what job based on the area it’s in and create the best route for each technician. It makes it so much easier,” said Kyle Ford, Service Manager, CBS Foodtech Pty Ltd.

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