Ashleigh Teys, Dispatch Officer

Sowerby's Towing Improves Service and Arrival Times With Vehicle GPS Tracking

Sowerby’s Towing has been in operation for over 40 years and provides towing services for all types of incidents, from vehicle breakdowns to machinery towing.

Sowerby’s Towing implemented GPS vehicle tracking to improve their customer service. They now have better response times and access to arrival times to help eliminate customer concerns.

Accurate Arrival Times Enhance Customer Service

Often, Sowerby’s customers would call the office to find out pick up times. Sowerby’s Towing could only guess what time drivers would arrive onsite for the pick-up, after several failed attempts of getting a hold of drivers to identify vehicle locations.

With Reveal, Sowerby’s can see all their tow trucks on the live map, which helps them to provide their customers with arrival times, without the need to chase the driver.

“Now we can keep our customers informed. We can see where they are and tell our customers how long they’re going to be. Our customers have to speak to their customers, so they are passing on what we are saying down the line. It’s great to be able to keep our customers up to date.  They know we are looking after them with the most accurate arrival times possible.” said Ashleigh Teys, Dispatch Officer.

Data Helps Resolve Billing Disputes and Driver Complaints

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Prior to GPS vehicle tracking, Sowerby’s Towing didn’t have accurate data to help respond to customer complaints regarding their employees’ driving behaviour. With Reveal, they now have access to driver and vehicle activity to help identify whether the complaints have merit.

“If there is ever a customer complaint about one of our drivers, it’s very easy to look at Reveal and say well this is what my driver was doing. We can prove it wasn’t our driver.”

Some customers would dispute the invoices they had to pay, and unfortunately Sowerby’s Towing didn’t have any way of verifying that the hours billed were accurate. With Reveal Sowerby’s can verify how long it took to complete each job from start to finish.

“When we’re charging out jobs, we charge hourly, so it’s good to be able to look back whenever there has been a dispute and prove what we did, how we did it and how long it took us,” said Ashleigh Teys, Dispatch Officer.

Business Improves with Reveal

Since the implementation of Reveal, Sowerby’s Towing can monitor their entire fleet via the live map, which helps them provide customers with ETA’s. Customer complaints regarding poor driver behaviour and invoicing disputes can also be resolved, with the help of the data from Reveal.

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