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Disability Services Provider Uses Verizon Connect to Help Deliver Exceptional Client Care

Since implementation, our drivers have shifted their driving behaviour to a more positive one.
Asita Galappatti
Financial Controller

AFFORD is one of the longest serving disability service providers in Australia. Their mission is to give high-quality, personalised support to people with disabilities and help them live life to the fullest.

The team at AFFORD rely on their Australia-wide fleet to carry out their day-to-day operations. They needed an effective way to keep things running smoothly and to manage the vehicles. 

By using Verizon Connect, they can see where their vehicles are and how they’re being used at all times. This helps them promote fleet safety and provide better service to their clients. 

Safer Driving To Improve Customer Care

One of AFFORD’s main services is taking clients on day trips and to community activities. This means that driver behaviour and on-road safety needed to be a priority. 

They need to know how well each employee drives in order to deliver their high standard of service consistently. However, without a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution, it can be difficult to do this due to their large fleet size.  

With the help of Verizon Connect, AFFORD can easily monitor the driving of individual employees. They receive near real-time alerts for harsh driving behaviour such as speeding, hard braking and sharp cornering. In cases of any dangerous incidents, Verizon Connect Integrated Video sends fleet managers relevant dashcam footage immediately to show them exactly what happened. This helps them educate drivers to promote safety. 

Since they started using Verizon Connect, AFFORD has noticed a marked improvement in driver behaviour. This has helped them to provide consistent, high-quality service and build trust with clients and their families. 

“Since implementation, our drivers have shifted their driving behaviour to a more positive one.” - Asita Galappatti, Financial Controller 

Location Tracking for a More Secure Fleet

Theft and unauthorised use of vehicles was a major concern for AFFORD before they started using Verizon Connect. But now they can set up alerts for any unusual activity, such as when the vehicle is at the wrong location or being driven outside of work hours. From the live map, AFFORD can also easily check if their vehicles are in the right location at the right time. 

Using GPS location tracking, AFFORD can help protect their company vehicles from theft and unauthorised use. It has helped them avoid the cost and stress of dealing with vehicle theft as well as the decline in ride quality that results from overuse.  

“With such a large fleet, it is paramount for Afford to know where our vehicles are at all times.” - Asita

Better Decision-Making Increases Efficiency

By knowing where each vehicle is, AFFORD can assign jobs to the closest vehicle and reduce wait times for clients. Verizon Connect also allows AFFORD to easily identify which vehicles are currently not in use so they can deploy those vehicles to help their fleet to operate to its full potential.

“Knowing vehicle usage allows us to transfer our low-use vehicles to sites that are at beyond capacity.”- Asita

The Benefits Are Clear With Verizon Connect

Managing a large fleet has become easier for AFFORD since they implemented Verizon Connect. With more control over their fleet’s safety and efficiency, AFFORD is able to provide exceptional care to people with disabilities. 

“Utilisation of technology is important to the Afford Way.” - Asita

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