How our software helps oil, gas and mining companies

Put data-driven solutions to work for your oil, gas or mining company.

Put data-driven solutions to work for your oil, gas or mining company.

Know what’s happening in the field

Get better visibility across your entire fleet, no matter how remote or rugged the terrain.

Add custom GIS map layers to see your assets in relation to well sites, pipelines and other landmarks. Map layers can also include weather, traffic and satellite view.

Personnel safety

Oil, gas and mining workers face serious hazards on the job but you can take steps to minimise the dangers and respond faster when they’re in trouble.

Set-up alerts to receive notification when workers spend too long servicing a well, enter a dangerous area or are exposed to hazardous gases, such as hydrogen sulfide.

Tools such as panic buttons, co-location reports, broadcast messaging and late check-in alerts help improve safety and peace of mind.

Unsafe driving is an accident waiting to happen

Whether they’re excessively speeding, not wearing their seat belt, hard braking or accelerating too fast, alert your drivers in real time, every time, and you empower them to improve. You define safety by setting parameters, and coach drivers proactively with in-cab alerts.

Monitor driving hours to keep your drivers legal and within safe limits. Use smart scheduling tools to balance driving shifts and help prevent accidents from tired or overworked employees.

We’ll also help you off the beaten path

Better security

Vehicles and equipment can be protected electronically, with any unauthorised use or movement triggering real-time alerts.

Increased efficiency means more profit

Location tracking for your whole team can save a lot of time and travel to coordinate the resources needed to get a job done. Track vehicles and equipment to know what everyone’s doing, and what their status is.

Better return on vehicles

Your vehicles and equipment often operate in harsh conditions – extreme temperatures and rough terrain – so effective maintenance is key to improving uptime and asset life. Get alerts and reports based on actual vehicle health, and address maintenance issues before they become a problem.

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Every asset. One login.

Our exclusive OEM partnerships, AEMP compatibility and flexible hardware options means you can have all your fleet assets tracked on a single screen.

Improved asset ROI

Better visibility into where and how often your vehicles, trucks and equipment are being used. Redeploy, relocate, or realise unused or underused assets.

Accurate maintenance

Automated tracking of engine hours and diagnostics improves the accuracy of your maintenance schedule, while preventing unnecessary servicing.

Theft protection

Constructions sites are regular targets for thieves. Active GPS tracking can trigger instant alerts, while improving asset recovery.

Reduce wear & tear

Use advanced diagnostic sensors to monitor usage, such as excessive engine load, that can shorten the life of your equipment.

Improve asset utilisation

Know what assets you have, where they are and how effectively they're being used. Reassign assets or sell to release funds.

Maintenance scheduling

Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts for your own service department or local dealer. Improve the accuracy of your PM program to reduce costs.

Safe driving features

Promote safe driving behaviour from basic compliance and vehicle maintenance to near real-time coaching and speeding alerts.

Historical 'what happened here'

Improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents, easily replaying the sequence of events.

GIS data custom map layers

Show inter­active GIS data (such as power or sewer lines, land use grids or parcel data) as a map layer. Supports ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF, Autodesk DXF).

Prompt alerts

Choose the condition that triggers the alert (speeding, idling, harsh braking, engine on, geofence violation etc.) and who receives it.

Custom mobile forms

Build your own digital forms (DVIR, work orders etc.) that can be completed using a mobile device and replace hard-copy paper forms.

Define custom sites

Mark your map with markers (also referred to as POIs or landmarks) to identify areas of interest such as depots, customers, jobsites or prohibited locations.

Smartphone and tablet friendly

Compatible with most popular smartphones and tablets to minimise hardware costs and improve usability for mobile workers.

Enterprise dashboard

Monitor and minimise unnecessary idling to reduce fuel spend.

Third-party shared views

Securely share a restricted view of your fleet activities to outside contractors or third parties. Ideal for storm recovery or disaster response work.

Idle management

Monitor and minimise unnecessary idling to reduce fuel spend.