Safety, efficiency and security in the field

Safety, efficiency and security in the field

Put the right oil and gas software to work in your fleet.

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Manage your fleet wherever the job takes you

Field service fleets that support the oil and gas industry face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining safe and productive operation. Equipping your fleet with oil and gas telematics software from Verizon Connect can help your fleet managers stay in touch with your people, vehicles and equipment to help keep things running smoothly and safely.

Key benefits

  • Manage driver safety with scorecards and alerts
  • Track all vehicle movements and activities
  • Report on asset location and utilisation
  • Monitor vehicle and asset maintenance

Improve safety in the field and on the road

Improve safety and operating expenses

Improve safety in the field and on the road

Oil and gas field service fleets routinely transport hazardous materials and equipment to remote locations. Safety is paramount in every aspect of the job for a mobile workforce, but especially in transportation over the road when the public is at risk. Our fleet management software can help you:

  • Reduce unsafe driving behaviours with timely alerts
  • Monitor excessive idling
  • Ensure DVIRs are conducted
  • Create configurable reports and dashboards to monitor safety improvement efforts
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Protect your investment with asset tracking

Theft reduction

Protect your investment with asset tracking

Oil and gas equipment left unattended at a job site invites the potential for misuse, abuse or outright theft. Oil and gas fleet tracking from Verizon Connect can deliver peace of mind with:

  • Live maps that show the location of vehicles and assets in remote areas
  • Geofencing capabilities to detect any “out-of-bounds” activity
  • Alerts for unauthorised use

See what’s making you money and what isn’t

Asset utilisation

See what’s making you money and what isn’t

With the variability of oil prices, raising field productivity is critical. Unproductive or underutilised equipment can’t hide with oil and gas equipment tracking in place.

  • Better coordinate resources with location services
  • Monitor engine hours for each vehicle or powered asset
  • Leverage utilisation reporting to make “better-informed” decisions
  • Automate IFTA reports for additional cost savings and ease
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Keep your fleet running where and when it matters most

Vehicle and asset maintenance

Keep your fleet running where and when it matters most

Servicing the oil & gas industry can put fleet vehicles into some rough terrain where spare parts are a long way away. Verizon Connect fleet management solutions can help you address vehicle maintenance issues before they become problems.

  • Receive near-real-time alerts and reports that analyse vehicle health
  • Schedule routine maintenance more efficiently to help reduce breakdown risks and increase uptime
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