Cameron Tracey, Operations Manager

Landscape Company Doubles Return on Investment and Increases Productivity by 15%

Based in Rozelle New South Wales, Marsupial Landscape Management (Marsupial) was founded over 25 years ago. Marsupial noticed it became impossible to prove to customers that staff had turned up to their site. They sought out Reveal GPS vehicle tracking to support their claims and help eliminate disputes.

“It was hard to prove we were there to do the work. So, we got vehicle tracking to show that we did attend the site and prove how long we were there for,” said Cameron Tracey, Operations Manager.

Increased Safety with Full Visibility of Fleet

Being able to see their entire fleet via the Reveal live map helps give Marsupial managers peace of mind.

 “We’ve got a lot of guys who start and finish from home. Reveal helps with the safety aspect, so at least we know they get home okay. If there is a problem, we can quickly see their location and send some help.”

Increased opportunity with Government Tenders

GPS vehicle tracking helps Marsupial win more government tenders. They can ease customer concerns about employees not turning up to site, with data from Reveal to support claims. 

“Vehicle tracking is definitely a value add-on to our tender submissions. We actually provide our customers with a link to Reveal. If they have any concerns we can show them that yes, we were there at this time. We have found that to be a real benefit.”

Fleet Tracking Increases Efficiency and Productivity

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Fleet tracking helps Marsupial Landscape Management become more efficient. Further, they can now be more competitive with their pricing and earn more revenue because of their insight into labour costs.

“Our highest cost is labour. Reveal helps us understand how long jobs take, so we can be more competitive with our pricing.”  

Productivity has increased too. Marsupial uses Reveal to help verify their employee start and finish times.

“With the guys working by themselves, we have found they may get a little ‘liberal’ with their time sheets. Reveal helps to know whether the guys are telling the truth with hours or not. So, productivity has increased because of that.”

Reveal: The Competitive Edge for Marsupial Landscape Management

Since the implementation of Reveal, Marsupial Landscape Management have not only strengthened their tender submissions to prospective customers but also increased their productivity by 15%.

“We saw a return on investment from productivity straight away! We’ve probably increased productivity by an extra 15%. We’re definitely doubling return on investment,” said Cameron Tracey, Operations Manager, Marsupial Landscape Management.


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