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Case study

Australian-based smoke alarm testing firm improves fleet visibility with Verizon Connect

With Verizon Connect, we’re able to efficiently track our fleet of electricians to enable faster acknowledgement on the day of booking.
Robert Bell
Field Operations Manager Australia & New Zealand

Since its launch in 2008, Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the real estate industry’s leading compliance partners.

Specialising in testing for rental properties, the company’s in-depth expertise of the latest regulation and time-tested inspection and maintenance processes offer vital peace of mind to landlords, tenants and property agencies.

To support this mission, SATS operates a 65-strong fleet of vehicles across Australia and New Zealand.

The challenge

After searching the market for suitable solutions, SATS chose Verizon Connect Reveal as it could offer fast, accurate and wide-ranging visibility into the location of vehicles across both Australia and New Zealand.

The solution’s Live Map feature allows SATS to pinpoint the whereabouts of any vehicle at any given time, reroute drivers to new jobs, update customers with accurate ETAs and find out whether a technician is at a job site or on the move.

The company also felt that Verizon Connect’s fleet management technology was the most competitively priced and offered the best value for money, thanks to its extensive
portfolio of features. After a demonstration of the solution, the decision.

"Reveal has helped us maintain a level of accountability in the field along with
helping to reduce response times on urgent works.” Robert Bell, Field Operations Manager Australia & New Zealand

The result

The Verizon Connect solution has given SATS a level of visibility into its operation that was previously lacking. The Live Map feature allows management to view the location and status of any vehicle in an instant, helping the company to better serve its customers, provide more accurate answers to requests and queries and improve the efficiency of its operation.

This greater level of visibility also helps SATS to increase accountability in the field, as Robert and his team can quickly look back at where a vehicle has stopped throughout the day, at what time and for how long. Knowing exactly where vehicles and technicians are and what they are doing has also helped the company to improve response times for urgent works, increasing customer satisfaction in the process.

Ultimately, with Verizon Connect, SATS can now offer added assurance to customers that regular maintenance and inspections are carried out efficiently, effectively and in
compliance with the latest regulation.

"It enables us to pinpoint locations of our vehicles live.” Robert Bell, Field Operations Manager Australia & New Zealand

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