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Case study

NSW charity increases efficiency and improves service with Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect seemed to supply all our needs in one simple program.
Colin Bartlett
Transport Manager

Since 1994, Little By Little has supported the work of Kurrambee School in Werrington to meet the needs of students, former students and their families. The charity assists with the provision of services to those with intellectual disabilities and high support needs.

Little By Little’s fleet of 15 vehicles provides assisted school travel for the Department of Education, with 12 dedicated runs to a special purpose facility in New South Wales. In all, the company helps around 75 students with varying mobility requirements get to and from school every day.

The challenge

As a charity providing such a vital service to the government and the local community, Little By Little needs total peace of mind that all budgets are spent wisely with minimal waste. To help make this the case, management set out to find a solution that could accurately track vehicle location, status, 
fuel spend and more.

With drivers regularly waiting at pick-up and drop-off locations, the team at Little By Little also wanted greater visibility into idle times and the impact it has on fuel consumption.

Finally, after several queries from parents about non-arrivals and waiting times, Little By Little needed a way to accurately determine whether or not a vehicle had stopped at scheduled locations, at what time and for how long.

The solution

After a short search of the solutions available on the market, Little By Little’s Transport Manager, Colin Bartlett, opted for Verizon Connect Reveal thanks in large part to its userfriendly interface, mobile app and comprehensive set of features.

The charity felt that the system could meet all its needs, giving it much needed visibility into vehicle location and status. The route replay feature would allow management to see exactly where drivers had stopped each day and for how long, while the fuel reports and dashboards could help monitor areas of waste through idling and other uneconomical behaviours.

After a demonstration of the solution and its key features, a decision was made to implement Reveal across Little By Little’s 15-strong fleet.

The result

With the Verizon Connect solution in place, Little By Little now has far greater visibility into its operations. With intuitive dashboards, automatic reporting and near real-time location information, it can monitor vehicles to confirm that they’re efficiently providing a high level of service.

The ability to see where drivers have travelled each day has also helped the team respond faster and more accurately to parent queries regarding drop-off and pick-up times. The charity can now clearly show if and when a driver stopped and for how long.

Insight into speeding and other reckless behaviours has helped to support investigations into complaints and provide evidence in the case of accidents and other incidents out on the road.

Colin Bartlett is also now able to keep a close eye on instances of idling, to coach and warn repeat offenders into more fuel-friendly habits. As a result, both idle times and fuel costs have been reduced.

While there are no immediate plans for further implementation, Little By Little has expressed an interest in Verizon Connect’s integrated dashcam solutions to further boost fleet safety, transparency and accountability

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