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North Queensland Businesses Fleet on the Road for Extra 25,000KMS Before Bearing Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Any security firm that I may join in the future that operate a fleet of vehicles, will need to have Verizon Connect REVEAL for sure!
Chris Jones
Operations Manager

North Queensland Protective Services Pty Ltd (NQPS) is an independent, locally owned Cairns based company, which has been providing a diverse range of security services in North Queensland since 1974. The business operates 24/7, transporting valuable business assets, performing building checks, and safely escorting staff.

North Queensland Protective Services previously had GPS trackers installed. NQPS switched to Reveal, after seeing the system was easier to use in comparison to their prior GPS tracker and had more benefits.

Chris Jones, Operations Manager, North Queensland Protective Services said, “Everyone at NQPS agrees that Reveal is far superior to our previous vendor. It is much easier to use and really handy. I wouldn’t do without it.”

New Vehicles Required New Driver Behaviours’

North Queensland Protective Services were forced to invest in an entire new fleet of vehicles, after the wear and tear from poor driving habits damaged their initial fleet of vehicles. Without vehicle tracking, there was no way for NQPS to know which of their drivers were practicing poor driving behaviours, such as speeding, harsh acceleration, hard cornering or excessive idling, which contributed to the wear and tear of the old vehicles. NQPS was determined to improve the longevity of their new fleet with GPS vehicle tracking.

Since implementing Reveal, North Queensland Protective Services have been able to help curb poor driving behaviours. Chris and his management team have set up real-time notifications, which they receive, if poor driving habits, such as speeding or excessive idling, occur. To increase the level of responsibility and accountability of their employees, Chris and his management team regularly print their employees’ driving statistics for everyone to see.

Chris said, “We’ve placed accountability and responsibility onto the drivers. It’s a safety net for us; it’s a safety net for them; and a safety net for the clients. I don’t know why every security company hasn’t installed Reveal to be honest, because the benefits are huge!” 

Enhanced Customer Service through Accurate Data

North Queensland Protective Services at times gets queries from their customers, asking if their patrolmen were in fact on location. With no GPS vehicle tracking system, NQPS had no way of proving that their employees were on site. 

Since NQPS implemented Reveal security fleet management system, they’ve been able to easily resolve customer disputes with more accurate data. “The main thing is when a client questions us on whether a patrolman did turn up that night we can prove that,” said Chris.

NQPS have also geo-fenced their customers’ locations so it’s easier for them to see when their patrolmen arrive and depart the site.

Chris said, “With Reveal we can track our patrolmen’s entire night and give the report to our customers. Anytime we want a report done on a particular patrol night or patrol run, that information is available. You can even go right back to point of installation. With Reveal, our information is always there.”

Vehicle fleet tracking also helps NQPS to dispatch jobs quickly to the nearest employee, particularly in the event of an emergency job, such as responding to an alarm. “It’s great because the supervisor knows who can get to that job the quickest,” said Chris.

Less Frequent Tire Replacements

North Queensland Protective Services vehicles can travel up to 600KM per day. Poor driving habits require NQPS to replace their tires every 20,000KM. Reveal helped to improve driving behaviour and now NQPS has only needed to replace their tires every 45,000KM. That’s an extra 25,000KM of mileage before they need to invest in new tires.

Chris said, “I can tell you, we’re not going through so many tires! I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Reveal has saved us but with our new fleet we are going to try and keep them in the best shape so we can trade them and get a decent return as opposed to trading in banged up sardine tins that would only offer you $200 - $300 dollars.”

Better Employee Break Time Management

North Queensland Protective Services employees take their lunch breaks at home. Without GPS vehicle tracking, it was difficult to verify when employees returned to work after their breaks. Now with Reveal, NQPS can help verify the hours their employees have worked and help ensure that their employees are not stretching out their lunch breaks.

Chris said, “We have highlighted that we don’t mind if the guys have their lunch breaks at home, but Reveal does show how long they were at home for and I have had to pull a couple of guys up on it who have returned to work late. It’s really helpful that way.”

Operating with Confidence

North Queensland Protective Services can operate their 24/7 security business with confidence in knowing where their fleet are at all times. “Any security firm that I may join in the future that operate a fleet of vehicles will need to have Reveal for sure!” Chris Jones, Operations Manager, NQPS.

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