Cassie Nutley, Owner

Verizon Connect Enables Chris Nutley Contractors to Manage and Grow Their Small Business

Growth Threatens Family Time

Chris Nutley Contractors, a family owned and operated Australian business, invested in a mobile cloud-based job management platform when the expanding operation could no longer maintain a pen and paper system.

Cassie Nutley, Office Manager for Chris Nutley Contractors, described the existing system, “We would have little folders for each job and having to pull them out and make phone calls just to know where you are at and get information, was quite difficult. We wanted to expand the business but it was tough. We’ve got two little boys and one on the way and I couldn’t control everything. I wanted to make it so we could get someone into the office and then they could take control.” This decision prompted Cassie to research and find a more integrated job management system.

Referred Solution Gives Hope

Work had recently been implemented by a family member of Chris and Cassie, who recommended the platform. The business required a platform that could remove the need to have many folders and large amounts of paperwork. “I didn’t know much about Work but decided to call up, get involved and grab the opportunity to invest,” said Cassie Nutley.

Migrating to Work initially seemed a daunting exercise for Cassie.  “We implemented Work around March 2015, so I had to backdate all the jobs from this year. But it wasn’t difficult once I got into it and I didn’t want to have to keep referring back to paperwork, I wanted to start fresh for the calendar year. The price was a consideration because we are a small business, but now that we’re using the platform it’s definitely worth the investment,” said Cassie.

Planning Ahead For Business and Family Now Possible

The Work implementation means that the field teams of Chris Nutley Contractors have a live view of jobs scheduled and their relevant documentation. “The main thing we like is being able to attach documents to the job card. So if builders go back to do a rough-in or fit-off and they need to see something, all the plans and pictures are automatically on their Work. I can see where they all are in one week and what jobs are planned for the week ahead,” Cassie added.

Getting that time back in the business has allowed Cassie and Chris to focus on new projects and be in a position to set new objectives. “My husband and I now have more time to hire more builders and go out and get new clients rather than stressing about paperwork. If you’re going from paper to computer, it’s well worth it.

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