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Verizon Connect Ticks All of the Boxes for Australian Workplace Test and Tag

Business is a lot more streamlined and we have an increased ability to manage the job.
Mark Slade

Heavy Regulations Leave No Room for Error

Australian Workplace Test and Tag (AWTT) prides itself in the delivery of the highest quality testing to the Australian and New Zealand standards across services such as: test and tagging of portable electrical appliances; safety switch testing; emergency exit lighting; and portable fire equipment. AWTT was established over 10 years ago and now has a new owner, Mark Slade.

The industry that Australian Workplace Test and Tag operates in is heavily regulated and there isn’t much room for unproductive systems behind the scenes. Mark identified key business areas where productivity could be improved.

No System in Place Resulted in Loss of Communication and Jobs

Technicians or fieldworkers would be given a spreadsheet at the end of one week which list all their jobs for the following. There was no tracking system in place to help understand at which stage the job was at or if it had even been completed,” explained Mark. “There were circumstances where we would get phone calls two days later saying that our fieldworker hadn’t turned up. We were none the wiser either as we weren’t contacted by our fieldworker to let us know. At first it took me a while to understand what was happening within the business but I needed to find out ways in which we could improve.

Mark tried managing the process using word processing and spread sheets in attempt to keep people abreast of where they’re supposed to be.

We tried that for about 6-8 weeks before we determined that wasn’t going to be a good solution for us either. That’s when I was recommended Work,” said Mark.

A Recommended Solution Showed the Way and Opened the Lines of Communication

Work is a mobile-based platform and it now allows Mark visibility into his staff and jobs in real-time. He can see availability and schedule openings in a simple calendar format and will know when his fieldworkers have accepted, paused, or completed a job.

Business is a lot more streamlined and we have an increased ability to manage the job. I can monitor where my fieldworkers are and have real-time visibility of our schedule. This allows me to allocate additional work to the team on the fly which increases revenue,” said Mark.

AWTT fieldworkers are equipped with Work technology, which allows them to accurately and effectively check compliance processes and digitally obtain signatures from their customers. As soon as the job is completed, it is ready for invoicing at the click of a button. AWTT provides their customers with the satisfaction of knowing that their team are electrical tradesmen all qualified to the highest of standards and will provide a thorough and safe workplace.

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