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React fast with near real-time fleet tracking

Get the fleet management data you need to act quickly with near live GPS vehicle tracking. Receive instant alerts to help improve driver safety, notify customers of technician delays, strengthen security, cut costs and change unwanted driver behaviors.

What is near real-time GPS tracking?

What is near real-time GPS tracking?

Near real-time fleet tracking collects vehicle data, like location, health, driver performance and fuel consumption. Our fleet management systems use this telematics data to help increase productivity and efficiency in your entire fleet.

Why is it “near” real time tracking?

Why is it “near” real time tracking?

Verizon Connect provides scalable vehicle and asset tracking using GPS tracking devices that update vehicle locations in our fleet management software as often as every 30 seconds.

Each ping from the GPS tracker also includes in-depth information about the vehicle diagnostic systems or any additional sensors connected to the tracking unit.

The vehicle location updates occur often enough that fleet managers can be alerted as soon as something out of the ordinary happens, yet still see a clear breadcrumb trail of your vehicle and asset locations.


Respond quickly to fleet issues with alerts

Our near live GPS tracking system and alerts help you see unwanted, fuel-wasting driver behaviors, like speeding, fast acceleration, excessive idle time or entering forbidden locations (geofencing). Near real-time GPS fleet tracking software gives you an extra set of eyes on your vehicles, so you can better manage your time.

Near real-time alerts include activity, idling, geofence, harsh driving, ignition, late start, sensor activation, speeding, towing and video events. Alerts can be configured within our Apple iOS and Android mobile apps.

Dispatch the right vehicle to the right job at the right time

With near live GPS vehicle tracking, you can see what’s happening with all your fleet vehicles throughout the day.

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