GPS tracking for nonprofit organizations

Fleet management for nonprofit fleets

With GPS tracking, you can help increase accountability, improve driver safety, reduce idling and develop trust with clients.

Monitor vehicle activities


Monitor vehicle activities

Use GPS tracking to view all vehicles on a live map. Run reports for vehicle activities and replay routes. Receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit certain areas.


Have tools to coach drivers

Use speeding and harsh driving alerts along with dashcam video footage to coach drivers. Help reduce distracted driving and other unsafe driving behaviors.

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Lower operating costs

Cost savings

Lower operating costs

Run fuel monitoring reports to help reduce idling and unnecessary fuel costs. Keep track of vehicle maintenance to help prevent unplanned downtime.



Provide service verification

Use detailed stop reporting, geofences and driver identification data to provide verification of services for clients.

Frequently asked questions

How do you support a mixed fleet?

Our fleet management system can track vehicles of all kinds, including light- and heavy-duty vehicles, sedans, electric vehicles and others.

Can you track equipment and assets?

Yes, we can track powered and non-powered assets, including trailers, dumpsters, generators, forklifts and more.

How can fleet dashcams help with driver safety?

By reviewing video footage of harsh driving events, you can better understand the context of why a driver is making a quick turn, hard stop or fast acceleration. This can help you more specifically coach your drivers to help improve future driving behavior.

What integrations do you offer?

We can support a number of integrations, including fuel card providers and asset management systems.

Are you an approved vendor for government contract programs?

Yes, we are an approved vendor for Sourcewell and NASPO.