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Closing the circuit on electric vehicle planning & implementation


Are you ready to include EVs in your fleet lineup?

Adding EVs to your fleet mix takes a lot more than acquiring vehicles. An EV program requires planning, actionable data, and specialized tools to be successful.

Whether you’re early in the planning process or at the late stages of implementation, this webinar will help you future-proof your EV plan.

Check out this on demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Build an EV toolbox
  • Launch a pilot program
  • Create a successful implementation plan
  • Be prepared for changes ahead

Did you miss the part 1 webinar, Electric Vehicle Planning: What You Need to Know Before Flipping the Switch? Watch the on demand webinar here.

Don’t let your EV plan short out. Check out these on demand webinars and schedule a free online demo to learn more about how Verizon Connect can help you prepare for a successful EV program.