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7 Benefits of Field Service Management

What exactly is field service management? And why is it so important? Field service management (aka workforce management) solutions help companies with fleets send service technicians into the field to the correct job, with the right tools and the best time possible.

Up until now, your business may have gotten by with manual processes, paperwork and calling every guy in the field when you needed a job done same-day. But today, customers expect more—they want their work done faster and with less hassle. A field service management tool can help modernize your business for better results.

Learn how a workforce management tool can help:

  • Reduce manual paperwork
  • Implement digital invoicing
  • Streamline work orders
  • Improve job scheduling
  • Handle emergency jobs

What's inside this eBook?

Go digital

Between the speed, efficiency and organizational benefits of work order management tools like Verizon Connect Work, the days of operating with paper are gone. Getting rid of manual invoices, hours on the phone and duplicate documents can help you provide faster service and lower operational costs.

Streamline work orders

Field workers waste time when they have to make unnecessary trips back to the office to collect information. Effective work order systems, like Verizon Connect Work, will help keep your people informed with near real-time push notifications, SMS and email.

Keep things running smoothly

Do you know where your workers are? How easy is it to contact them, and how fast can they respond to an added appointment? Workforce management software can help you dispatch field workers and keep your business running smoothly.

Solve scheduling problems

Companies that use whiteboard scheduling, paper work orders and phone communication might scramble as dispatchers struggle to find out where drivers are, whether anyone is free, what job orders can be moved around and so on. This disorganization creates confusion and unnecessary stress on everyone.

Working smarter

When you go through your morning routine, you can open Verizon Connect Work to get a snapshot of what work is being done. Yesterday’s invoices were already created, mailed and filed. The field notes were entered into the system during the service calls and never had to touch your desk.

Get visibility

When a job becomes more complex than you originally thought, make sure you get paid for that extra time and work. Doing the work without remembering to file the extra paperwork at the office happens sometimes. File your added paperwork on the spot with the Work mobile app.

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