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You Should Be Using Geofences

By Tim TylerMay 7, 2020
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There is likely some waste in your fleet. A GPS vehicle tracking solution can help you find it.

Use our customizable geofences to create virtual boundaries around buildings, job sites and other important locations. This important fleet management tool can deliver the information you need to help maintain accountability, increase efficiency and improve customer service.

How geofences can help you cut costs, increase driver accountability and improve customer service

Are your drivers going home during the day to feed the dog? Are they taking too long to finish jobs? Or are they using your vehicles and equipment to moonlight? You can find out with the help of  geofence reports and alerts.

Geofences aren't simple, plug-and-play technology. To start using this powerful tool, you first must upload the necessary data, such as addresses or GPS coordinates.

The results are worth this initial investment of time we're sure of it.

Simplot Grower Solutions is an agricultural retailer and wholesaler that makes deliveries throughout California'۪s sprawling San Joaquin Valley. The business relies on GPS vehicle tracking solution to help them save money and improve productivity. By placing a geofence around pick-up locations, the company was able to:

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  • Improve routing.
  • Consolidate pickups.
  • Increase efficiency by pre-ordering pesticides for delivery.

Using a GPS tracking solution, the company was also able to save thousands of dollars on fuel because of reduced idle time and miles driven.

Top three most popular geofence reports

If you'۪re like most Americans, you can'۪t imagine life without your smartphone. The technology that replaced your road map, planner, camera, radio and MP3 player isn'۪t plug and play, either. To make the most of your smartphone, you had to research the best apps, download them and learn how to use them. Aren'۪t you glad you did?

You'۪ll feel the same way after you take the time to create geofences, which help you monitor unauthorized vehicle use, employee productivity and more. Set up automated reports, like our three most popular geofence reports:

  • Geofence violations. This report tells you which vehicles entered or exited the geofence. It allows you to see which drivers are making unauthorized trips. You can use this information to create new policies regarding the use of company vehicles and enforce existing policies.
  • Stop detail. Help increase employee productivity, improve routing and better manage driver activity with the stop detail report. This report details mileage, stop locations and stop duration. Quickly identify stops that last more than an hour with the color legend and confirm customer visits. Improve customer billing by documenting how long each job takes to complete. You can also get help identifying trends, such as jobs taking longer than you know they should.
  • Begin/End of day. Confirm overtime costs and more accurately monitor driver productivity. With a quick scan of this report, you can see how many hours a driver worked during a single day or week.

You can also receive real-time alerts via email or text message when any vehicle exits or enters a geofence, and create geofence landmarks. With landmarks, you can run reports that show you every landmark a vehicle visited during a period of time you choose, or all vehicles that visited specific landmarks.

Increase driver accountability and combat waste with a GPS vehicle tracking solution.

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