Is Fleet Management Scalable for Small Fleets?


Most small business owners who have a fleet of vehicles think of a GPS vehicle tracking solution as a great tool for the “big guys.” They may have a hard time seeing the value and the return on investment for their small operation and would be surprised to discover the core of a telematics solutions’ customer base are small fleets. As a business owner, finding yourself vulnerable to the overall impact of accidents, fuel costs maintenance and safety can be a challenging experience. Here are a few tips on navigating the business concerns that keep you up at night.


Currently, fuel prices at the pump are registering much lower than they did in previous years. Knowing how to track these costs – no matter how high or low – can be tricky and time consuming. Having a fuel management program in place will help you understand exactly what driver is filling up in what vehicle…and help you monitor any unauthorized fill-ups at the pump. Idling is a big part of fuel monitoring so knowing when your drivers are idling, where and for how long can also cut down on those unnecessary fuel expenses. 


Prevention is key when it comes to making sure your vehicles are getting the right services at the right times. Tire rotations, oil changes and vehicle renewals can really catch up on you if you don’t have the right system in place to monitor it. Often times, telematics solutions come equipped with a maintenance program that alerts you each time a vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance. By having instant transparency into maintenance needs and service reminders, you help your vehicles stay on the road, get your drivers to their next job quickly and safely and keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.


Nothing wastes money – and fuel – quite like idling. Using a telematics solution can help small businesses know exactly who is idling and provides you analytics and tools to coach those drivers to success. Being in-the-know while on-the-goal will save time, money and reduce the overall impact your business has on the environment. That’s a win-win for everyone! 

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A chronic problem for drivers everywhere, safety is one of those topics that has a real and lasting impact on your business. Since your business is on the name of your vehicles, you want to make sure the driver behind the wheel is being as aware and safe as possible. Speeding, harsh braking, hard cornering and fast accelerations are all occurrences that add up over time and cost money, not to mention tarnishing a company’s reputation. Monitoring driver behavior helps you to easily identify those drivers who are performing well and those drivers that may be in need for additional coaching. 

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to the importance of running your fleet. If you have 5 vehicles, 50 or even 500, having a telematics solution on board can make all the difference in the world when it comes to running your business as successfully as possible. 

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