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Introducing a new Reveal Field QuickBooks Online integration

By Verizon Connect April 14, 2022

Faced with resource and sourcing issues, rising fuel costs and evolving customer expectations, field service companies must find ways to streamline operations and more quickly and accurately reconcile payments. 

The newest Reveal Field integration from Verizon Connect helps organizations improve workflows and reduce duplication of efforts.

What is the Reveal Field QuickBooks Online integration?

It’s a new Reveal Field online integration that provides one-way sync of job and contact data to QuickBooks Online (QBO) for invoice creation in QBO. It can be used by both new and existing Reveal Field customers who have a QBO subscription. 

This integration helps users push key jobs and contact information to QBO to help align systems, reduce mistakes and save time by eliminating the need for redundant entries.

What are the benefits of this new integration?

For those responsible for field service back-office operations, it can be time-consuming to toggle between two separate systems to create an invoice, especially if contacts within those systems do not align. With this new integration, job and contact data are synched one way each time an invoice is pushed from Reveal Field (where the job data lives) to QBO. 

Not only does this make it faster and easier to generate an invoice and ensure job and contact data match, but the integration itself is simple and quick for a user to set up with just a few clicks. Once up and running, your field service organization can take advantage of key features, including the invoice builder, the option to send Job Records (i.e. photos, notes, and signatures) captured on the job site to be included on the invoice, and the ability to sync job and contact data from Reveal Field to QBO.

In what other ways can Reveal Field help field service organizations? 

Reveal Field helps organizations achieve more streamlined, centralized communication and scheduling:

  • Easily communicate with field technicians: Dispatch jobs directly to techs and allow them to set job status. Techs can see their schedule and collect signatures, photos and notes—all from the mobile app. Admins can view read receipts to confirm field workers are getting job assignments and updates, as well as easily adjust due to any last-minute cancellations.
  • Manage field service operations all in one place: Log into the same system for both GPS fleet tracking and field service software. See job status, schedule a job and track your vehicles in near real-time from a central hub. View the live map and calendar to quickly respond to emergency jobs.
  • Simplify scheduling with an intuitive calendar: See which field workers are available, schedule service calls and jobs, add customer information and include job details. If a job changes, drag and drop it to a new date and time, and the field technician will be immediately notified of the update. Data is viewable by everyone within one calendar and scheduling dashboard, and it can be filtered depending on how it needs to be reviewed.

For more on the benefits of moving toward an integrated system for scheduling, dispatching and job management, download our free eBook

To get a detailed walkthrough of how the new Reveal Field QuickBooks integration can benefit your field service organization, schedule a demo at your convenience.

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