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How HVAC Service Software Improves Customer Experience and Revenue

By Kevin Aries August 12, 2019

August 12, 2019

Few things can impact an HVAC business’ success as much as customer service. In the age of online customer reviews, happy customers aren’t just nice-to have; they are essential.

Your HVAC work and services may be excellent; but if your customers aren’t happy, your entire business can suffer. Scheduling issues can be a major source of complaints for HVAC businesses, where field technicians need to meet customers in their homes or businesses at specific time. Late arrivals or poor communication can cause serious problems, even if the technical service and price are excellent.

One way to improve scheduling and communication is by implementing integrated fleet tracking and HVAC field service scheduling software. HVAC software can help you provide a more positive customer experience and help you improve your bottom line by giving you a clear view of what’s happening in the field: whether technicians are where they are supposed to be, or if they are running late.

Integrated fleet GPS tracking and job scheduling software for the HVAC industry connects your people, vehicles, and customers to give you an accurate, near real time view of what’s happening in the field, allowing you to spot potential scheduling issues and reschedule jobs based on vehicle and technician location. This can also help dispatching emergency jobs, since you can see if there are technicians near the location and whether or not they are free.

In addition, HVAC company owners and managers are able to surface valuable data and reveal important insights about their field and fleet operations, from verifying time on site at a job to monitoring driver behavior and engine idling. This information can help you run a more efficient, accurate, predictable and competitive small business.

HVAC field service software helps you synchronize your assets and streamline day to day operations.

Knowing what resources are available at any given time is essential in being able to schedule and assign jobs to the right person. With integrated fleet tracking and job scheduling software, you can see the availability of equipment and people across your entire fleet, including open job slots. When a last minute job comes up, it’s easy to access a simple calendar format on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and get that job scheduled instantly in the dispatch software. Instead of making your customer wait for a call back, or worse, wait days for an available appointment slot, you can confirm the job while you still have them on the line with customer support.

You can simplify the process of finding a time that suits both you and the customer – and then arrange all those jobs in the most efficient order for your mobile workers. Dispatchers and office staff can search thousands of available time slots in a matter of seconds, factoring in all the relevant data about your running costs and resource availability (drivers and vehicles), to help you choose the most cost-effective time to book a new job.

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Increase your field service workers' efficiency

Give your field technicians everything they need for the job right at their fingertips. You can send alerts via email or push notifications to alert them to any changes in their job schedule for the day or week. Your fieldworkers can receive job details and updates remotely on their mobile devices in near real time. Your HVAC Technicians can capture before and after images on the job site and capture signature for proof of service on their mobile app.They can also easily check inventory and keep track of what parts have been ordered, and what is needed.

You can even consider employing a BYOD policy that gives technicians the ease of using their own mobile device (Apple IoS or Android). Empower your field workers with a work order management tool that’s compatible with the smartphones and tablets they already use. Jobs can be added, updated or reassigned, and then automatically synchronized with your back office database.

Keep the office and field in sync

Ditch that mountain of paperwork and reduce data entry as you provide the best experience for your customers. Make changes to invoices on the go, and then get customers’ signatures right on the spot – no more waiting or repeat visits that waste time and money.

You can eliminate paperwork almost entirely by moving all of your quotes, schedules, and invoices into the cloud. They’ll never got lost and you’ll be able to access them from anywhere, anytime. The days of chasing missing paperwork or needing to get back to the office to access your documents are over. Just log in to your HVAC service software and view everything online. You’ll be more productive by simplifying, organizing and managing your day to day operations with field service management software.

Gain better insight into what your sales look like

Keep track of costs that increase your bottom line. Do you carry too much inventory, or not enough? What about wasted money on unnecessary trips back to the office, or out to the field? HVAC service calls can be long and tedious. Don’t win the client over just to lose them by fumbling your inventory management.

You’ll also be able to improve your operation by reviewing historical work performance. You can view service history to see where your most profitable jobs come from and identify jobs that you might be losing money on. Review the day’s performance to make sure the plan you put in place was workable. Use data from today to discover opportunities to fine-tune tomorrow.

You can also reduce unnecessary miles driven by improving driver routes from job to job with GPS software. Help your HVAC technicians to be even more efficient, and service more customers in less time.

If you can improve your customer experience, you can improve your bottom line. Happy customers mean more calls, more referrals, and more business. HVAC software solutions that help with business management and are designed for HVAC service business can help your business run more efficiently and help make your customers happier. Keeping all your customer records and work history in one place, accessible to both the office and the field, helps you provide the best customer service experience and grow your HVAC business.

Kevin Aries

Kevin Aries leads Global Product Success for Verizon Connect, helping build software solutions that optimize the way people, vehicles and things move through the world.

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