Geofencing: Reduce Cost and Simplify Fleet Service


Imagine hundreds of dots on a map, each representing a different work order, job site or eager customer. 

While visualizing tasks by location is incredibly useful, a map like this can quickly go from valuable to overwhelming as fleet managers work to determine how to address each point of interest. 

Enter geofencing. While not found in a dictionary, it’s a term regularly used by fleet experts to maximize productivity. To put it simply, geofencing is a virtual perimeter surrounding real-world geography. Think of it like an invisible dog fence; while unseen by the naked eye, it keeps pets contained to a specific area.

Setting virtual boundaries via geofencing is specifically helpful for fleet managers for a number of reasons, like managing a group of vehicles within a region to keep time traveling between jobs to a minimum. When drivers are organized within a specific area, response rates are quicker and the area is more attentively covered. 

In addition, geofencing is used to curate and categorize job sites by location, eliminating the need to sift through thousands of points of interest by hand.

However, geofencing jobs doesn’t only cut down on manual categorization. A business can unlock real ROI when the software automatically provides rankings, vital statistics and stop-by-stop details for fleet managers. Using this key data, business leaders can optimize routes and glean insight to apply to the organization, ultimately saving money.

Streamlining fleet service and reducing costs starts with smart business planning and organization. Manage all the dots on your map by first fencing them in.

Find out how our platform gives you the visibility you need to get more done.

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