Enterprise Fleet Management Dashboard: Tame Big Data


As telematics enters the era of big data and the connected Internet of things, fleet managers are staring down the barrel of an information tsunami. It’s a scary prospect that all managers can relate to, particularly since information overload is the leading cause of indecision, or ‘paralysis by analysis’.

Thankfully, the new Verizon Connect Fleet Enterprise Dashboard offers managers smart ways to control the flow of telematics data and filter what you see on the front-end.

When it comes to fleet management, different jobs mean different areas of focus and responsibility. An equipment manager may be interested in the day-to-day utilization of vehicles or tracked assets. A transportation executive may prefer trends over several weeks, months or years. A fleet manager may be responsible for just one area of the country. Conversely, a safety manager may just want to focus on vehicles over a certain weight.

The dashboard filters provide a simple way to slice and dice the data to make sure you see what’s relevant to you right now. In other words, it turns messy data into actionable data.

Flexible dashboard reporting software: Easily create easy to use reports

The purpose of a dashboard is to simplify the mountain of data available to fleet managers. Thus it makes sense that the entire reporting dashboard focus on simplicity, clarity and ease-of-use without restricting power and flexibility.

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The new filter feature is visually discreet but expands to provide the user with a range of clever options.

  • Auto-suggest: Start typing to reveal available metrics.
  • Nested filters: Drill down by filter type to get granular reports. For example, see metrics based on daily vehicle data and fuel type.
  • Operator types: Use standard operators to display data as it compares to the customized filter or results that vary from the default values.
  • Hierarchical: Filters are compatible with the built-in hierarchies in Verizon Connect Fleet, which means you can limit the filtered data by existing divisions, crews or regions.
  • Date-based: Prepare filtered reports by date to quickly compare trends over time.

The filter feature adds a very useful dimension to the existing Enterprise Dashboard and will be used extensively by fleet managers at all levels to control the flood of data that is a typical management hazard.

The filter extends Verizon Connect Fleet’s ability to adapt

Verizon Connect Fleet dashboard reporting tools have traditionally been used across a huge variety of industries including oil & gas, construction, food & beverage, delivery and utilities. The new Enterprise Dashboard filter feature adds to what is already a very flexible fleet management platform. It allows unique, or niche, industries to customize the data displayed to exactly match the reporting needs of their business.

It’s good news for businesses that have previously had to wrestle with report builders to get them to fit their requirements or managers that feel they’re constantly swimming in a sea of data.

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