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Introducing Reveal Field from Verizon Connect

By Kevin Aries November 18, 2020

Field service companies face evolving operational challenges every day. Rising customer expectations and the growing influence of online reviews, increased technical complexity and competition for customers can put pressure on even the best-run companies, regardless of size. 

Powerful field service scheduling tools like Reveal Field from Verizon Connect can help field service organizations rise to these challenges and grow their business while providing customers with the seamless, simplified experience they expect.  

What is Reveal Field?

Reveal Field from Verizon Connect is a fully-integrated, intelligent and simple scheduling and dispatch solution that enables you to overcome inefficiencies to improve worker productivity while enhancing customer satisfaction. It seamlessly integrates with the Verizon Connect Reveal platform to provide centralized management of all mobile workforce-related functions and resources, including vehicles, job assignments and work orders, and service technicians. Read about the functionalities in detail.

With Reveal Field, field service companies benefit from:

  • Increased efficiency: Manage vehicle telematics data and job information in one place while leveraging smart scheduling for real-time insights that enable quick decision-making.
  • Improved visibility: Quickly view technicians’ vehicle locations, schedule and job progress in real time for more accurate dispatching of jobs to available field service technicians and more accurate ETAs.
  • Simplified communication: Capture important proof-of-service info such as notes, photos and signatures from a mobile device and have details automatically sent to the office admin.
  • Deeper insights: Know how much time technicians are spending onsite versus driving to optimize workflow and keep all drivers safe.

Who should use Reveal Field?

Reveal Field from Verizon Connect helps all roles within a field service organization while providing added value for their end customers in a number of ways.

Business owners must monitor all operational details while maintaining a holistic business view. Service business owners strive to provide exceptional customer service while simultaneously driving greater efficiency and growth. Reveal Field helps owners meet these needs while providing better service to customers, optimizing resource allocation and enabling greater performance management.  

Dispatchers must manage scheduling and dispatch efficiently, taking into consideration multiple time-consuming inputs and touchpoints. Often, dispatchers run up against communication and management challenges. Reveal Field helps them streamline productivity by providing intelligent scheduling, simplified communication capabilities and real-time job visibility. 

Learn more about field service industry trends by downloading this free eBook.

Technicians must to keep up-to-date with scheduling changes and provide both customers and dispatchers with visibility into each move. Reveal Field helps technicians improve their day-to-day efficiency and streamline communication with both customers and the back office, while at the same time helping to eliminate no-shows.  

End customers struggle with the experience of finding and booking reputable vendors, due to outdated and time-consuming technology and processes. Sources of customer frustration include a lack of visibility; they don’t know who their technician is are when he or she will arrive. Reveal Field helps improve overall experience by enhancing communication with the company and providing an added layer of security by providing this important information.  

What are the benefits of Reveal Field for my organization?

Reveal Field provides field service organizations like yours with a dispatching solution that is simple to implement and easy to use for both field workers and office employees. Here’s a quick snapshot of the implementation process:

  1. Office administrators log in via Reveal to access the Scheduler tab
  2. At initial log in, a one-time entry of job history and other data is required
  3. For technicians, a one-time mobile app download is required
  4. The solution is then ready to use for all parties

Once you’re up and running, Reveal Field provides immediate, tangible operational benefits.

Streamlined, centralized communication and scheduling:

  • Manage all your field service operations in one place: Log into the same system for both GPS fleet tracking and field service software. See job status, schedule a job and track your vehicles in near real-time from a central hub. View the live map and calendar to better respond to emergency jobs. 
  • Easily communicate with field technicians: Dispatch jobs directly to techs and allow them to set job status. Techs can see their schedule and collect signatures, photos and notes—all from the mobile app. Admins can view read receipts to confirm field workers are getting job assignments and updates, as well as easily adjust to any last-minute cancellations.
  • Simplify scheduling with an easy-to-use calendar: See which field workers are available, schedule service calls and jobs, add customer information and include job details. If a job changes, drag and drop it to a new date and time, and the field technician will be immediately notified of the update. Data is viewable by everyone within one calendar and scheduling dashboard, and it can be filtered depending on how it needs to be reviewed.
  • Smart technology capabilities: Admins can gain visibility into vehicles, techs and jobs without switching between fleet and field service solutions. In addition, the technology solves for multiple workflows.

An enhanced customer experience:

  • Improve customer satisfaction: Simplify bookings and appointment reminders. Receive notifications if a technician is delayed on a job or has not viewed a job assigned to them. Provide more accurate ETAs to customers using GPS tracking data. Send customers appointment confirmations and reminders.
  • In the field, at the office, in control: Respond to customer requests with greater visibility of tech and job status using field service software. Have everyone log into one system to avoid patching together separate calendars and spreadsheets.

How can I find out more about a field service management software?

There are a number of trends and technologies shaping the success of modern field service operations, automation, mobility, data-based decision making, and system integration. We’ll explore these in detail in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, you can learn more about what Reveal Field from Verizon Connect can do for your organization here.

Kevin Aries

Kevin Aries leads Global Product Success for Verizon Connect, helping build software solutions that optimize the way people, vehicles and things move through the world.

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