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Field Service Businesses, do You Know What Your Customers Think About You?

By Verizon Connect December 5, 2020

Modern field service organizations must be nimble, efficient and customer-focused. That’s why businesses of all sizes are increasingly embracing technology to streamline day-to-day activities like scheduling, dispatching and managing customer communication.

To help businesses excel in today’s landscape, the technology they use must empower them to focus on the customer experience and enhance the level of service they are providing. Ratings and reviews can have an incredibly positive impact on how customers view a field service company and the volume of business it receives.

The right field service management software can create greater efficiencies and streamlined operations for field service organizations—and the ability to ask for and receive customer feedback is a key facet in that process.

Capturing Customer Reviews with Reveal Field Plus

Reveal Field Plus, a new, optional add-on package, introduces two new important features to further enhance field service fleet operations—customer ratings and reviews and last-mile customer notifications.

Customer ratings and reviews

Reveal Field Plus users can now request a customer review of any job that's been completed. Simply click REQUEST REVIEW to send directly from the Reveal platform, and receive an instant message confirming the request has been sent. Customer review requests can be sent via a customizable company-branded email or SMS/text message that includes job and technician details.

To leave feedback, customers click the REVIEW button from a desktop or mobile device, and rate the service from one to five stars. Managers and dispatchers set up job alerts to automatically notify dispatchers of any reviews that come in under a certain threshold, such as one, two or three stars. This gives a company the opportunity to reach back out to customers to rectify potential issues.

Download this free guide to navigate the research, buying and implementation process.

Companies can also view their overall average rating on the platform based on total number of reviews. They can also drill down into specific review data points, individually or as a bulk request, around technician, job name/ID, job date, date of review, customer/account name and more, and then download that data as a shareable CSV file. This gives managers the ability to identify and reward top technicians, while at the same time identifying lower-performers who may benefit from additional coaching opportunities or training.

Last mile customer notifications

In addition to rating and review capabilities, a majority of companies say that the ability to capture customer information and important job details from the field (61%) and the ability for managers and dispatchers to be able to set up appointment reminder emails or SMS/text messages with customers (59%) are both critically important.

Reveal Field Plus users can take advantage of enhanced last mile customer notifications, which can be sent via email or SMS/text message. This means not only will customers know a technician is on the way, but they’ll get an exact ETA. And if the technician is delayed, the customer will receive a notification about that, too.

Companies can customize customer ETA notifications to include the technician name, their job title and current ETA. If, based on the technician’s vehicle location, it becomes apparent they’ll be delayed, companies can also customize delay alerts to include the new expected arrival time and an apology for the delay. They can also include an option for the customer to call and reschedule, should the new ETA conflict with their schedule. This enhanced customer service tool can help lead to happier customers overall—and additional business opportunities down the line. 

Learn more about Reveal Field Plus

45% of service fleets struggle to keep customers well-informed on ETAs, and 48% have a hard time keeping everyone updated on schedule changes in near real time. With an integrated field service tracking, dispatch and management solution, fleets can rise to these challenges and grow their business while providing customers with the seamless, simplified experience they expect.

Find out more about Reveal Field Plus and how it can help streamline operations and improve customer service for your field service fleet.

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