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Allegiant Electric's Story of Driving Growth and Braving COVID-19

By Mansi Aneja August 11, 2020

"Everything has changed with COVID-19. Once COVID-19 hit, all our residential and service maintenance jobs pretty much came to a halt," says Andrea Vigil about running Allegiant Electric as the pandemic hit.

Andrea Vigil and her husband Anthony founded Allegiant Electric in 2015 after the solar industry in Nevada took a significant hit as a result of increased government regulations. Allegiant is a female, minority-owned business in Las Vegas that provides electrical services for the Southern Nevada community.

"We're a full-service electrical contractor. We provide residential, commercial, solar maintenance and repair, and we also do battery storage as well as electric car charging stations," explains Andrea.

This electrical company increased revenue by 581 percent since the implementation of the Verizon Connect Reveal mobile resource management platform in early 2017. Prior to using Reveal to run their fleet, Allegiant would complete three jobs per day. Since implementation, Allegiant has been able to complete upwards of 30 jobs per day, add additional vehicles and grow their workforce from 3 to 15.

The tools and features in Reveal are even more helpful now. The platform helps us streamline our business and make sure that we're getting everything that we need so that our workers in the field have the tools that they need. With Reveal Field, we have the ability to upload pictures and create estimates.

Verizon Connect spoke with Andrea about Allegiant’s journey so far, their use of technology and how it helped them tide over the unprecedented challenges that COVID-19 presented.

Here are some excerpts of our interview.

Q: Tell us more about your business and the number of jobs you’re handling.

A: When the business first started in 2015, Anthony and I were handling around three jobs per day. Now, I’m scheduling an average of 17 jobs per day—and that number can increase to as many as 30. Our staff has also increased significantly. We’ve gone from a team of two people to a team of 15. We have a fleet of eight now, and we're looking to expand that by purchasing additional vehicles.

In terms of revenue growth, we're going on our fourth solid year of revenue increase. Our first year we were at about $221,000, and that figure has increased to at least $1.6 million.

Q: What are some of the biggest industry challenges you face as a business?

A: Navigating regulations has been difficult. One of the most challenging things we’ve faced as a business has been expanded government regulations and net metering. Also, we have a shortage of skilled labor in our industry as a whole. So, it is a challenge to find the right employees, especially skilled labor and employees that have the necessary training.

As a small business, it’s challenging to make sure you have an understanding as your business grows, scaling up and just making sure you scale up at the right time. It's a learning process for everybody.

Q: How did GPS impact your business in terms of profits, growth or cost-savings?

A: Since implementing Reveal from Verizon Connect, we’ve been able to expand the number of technicians that we manage. It started just with my husband and me, so I was able to track where he was at but having scheduling software allowed us the ability to bring in more employees, assign jobs and schedule them. I can also go back and look at a previous job that was completed, all the pictures and any data or notes, in one platform.

With the live map, I'm able to oversee where all our vehicles are throughout the day. If I get a call and somebody needs work in a specific area, I can check that technician's availability and assign a job directly to a technician that's in that area—which saves time. 

GPS tracking has also provided me with a discount on my insurance, because it has different safety measures. It'll notify me if my guys are speeding or driving erratically. These are features that are important to me as a business owner, to make sure that our guys are out there, they're driving safe and they're doing what they need to do. I can then provide reports to my insurance company so that they can give me the discount.

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Q: How did your staff react to using GPS tracking and the field service management platform? Was the change management difficult?

A: Our technicians have the field service platform, Reveal Field, on their phones and it is very simple to use. It's really user-friendly. It doesn't take a lot of time to get it set up and shows them how to use it. They give us feedback all the time on things that would work better for them, things that are or aren’t working, and we've brought that information back to Verizon Connect. They've been amazing about being responsive about making changes, any improvements, or teaching us how to navigate through the platform.  

Q: Have you heard any feedback from your customers since you started using Reveal?

A: Customers now have the ability to review our technicians that go out into the field. So, after the job is complete, our scheduler sends the customer an alert to ask them for a review for things like: did the technician show up on time? Was everything done to your expectations? Do you have any feedback? Are there any issues we should know about?

This is important because if we have an issue or an unhappy customer, we can address it right then and there, which saves us down the road from getting a negative review. Or if a customer is really happy, we can share that information with our technician and commend them for their good work.

Q: Coming to the COVID-19 pandemic. How did it impact your business?

A: There was a significant impact for us. Since everything changed with COVID-19, my seven-year-old comes into the office with me and Anthony.

In terms of the business, being a versatile company has helped us. When the whole industry took a hit, we still had our commercial work to keep us going. We kept moving, kept busy and were able to hire additional people in a time where, unfortunately, some other small businesses have shut down.

Q: Do you have any customers that are considered “essential businesses”? How did you manage services for them?

A: We work with Quest Diagnostics and we’ve continued to take care of their needs. We also work with the VA of Southern Nevada, we provide all their solar maintenance and repair. NV Energy is another one and are doing a lot of electrical panel upgrades. During this time, we’ve also kept up with maintaining Mandalay Bay’s solar maintenance repair.

Q: Do you think technology helped you during this time?

A: The tools and features in Reveal are even more helpful now. The platform helps us streamline our business and make sure that we're getting everything that we need so that our workers in the field have the tools that they need. With Reveal Field, we have the ability to upload pictures and create estimates. Our technicians see what we see, and that allows them to show up to the job with all the right tools so they're able to complete the job more efficiently.  

We pay more attention to the job description feature. During the COVID-19 pandemic we can make sure that our guys are wearing all of their PPE, we can make sure they are only going to be in the garage. Or if they need to go into the house, we have the ability to notate those things and check in with them.

Q: Have you taken any new safety precautions or measures as a result of COVID-19?

A: As everything's opening back up, we're now going back out to the stores and handling their maintenance. We’re also making sure that our guys are wearing the proper PPE: they have to wear gloves, masks and footies if they go into any stores. We’re making sure they have hand sanitizer. We're asking if the homeowners or anybody in the building is sick. This helps ensure that not only our employees are kept safe, but the people that we're interacting with are also safe as well, to make sure that we're not exposing anybody to anything.

Q: Finally, in terms of running the business, what advice you would give for things to look out for in this industry?

A:  Your reputation is everything, and I would stress the importance of building a good reputation. Even though Las Vegas is a big city, we still are very small when it comes to people. Organizations and people talk, and you don't want to build a bad reputation in your industry. It could make or break your business.

Make sure you're taking care of your customers and communicating with them. Just like with giving them option to review a job, following up, finding out right away if they're happy or if there's an issue. With that you can make sure that your reputation stays solid.

Mansi Aneja

As Verizon Connect Content Strategist, Mansi's mission is to create content that helps on-the-go business owners and fleet managers realize the benefits of digital transformation to drive their business forward, keep their teams productive and safe, and provide outstanding customer service.

Tags: Customer Service, Dispatching & Scheduling

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