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Know Where Your GPS Tracking Solution Comes From

By Thomas Raskopf September 1, 2020

Where you get your technology matters. With modern technology advancements happening at lightning speed, you’ll find there’s no shortage of device providers supplying asset tracking, GPS tracking and other vehicle/fleet-specific solutions. This is no surprise, given the number of fleet management systems units installed already reached 10.9 million in Q4 of 2017 and the portion of non-privately owned commercial vehicles in the U.S. that have implemented fleet management technology is expected to nearly double by 2022 (to 49.7% from 26.6% in 2017).1

But with margins becoming slimmer across all industries, compliance mandates taking center stage and driver and vehicle safety an ever-present concern, the technology provider you choose can make a significant difference.

The benefit of in-house research and development

Some technology providers act as a technology partner, fulfilling the role of intermediary by offering access to what may be quality, reputable products from a variety of brands but which they themselves did not have a role in creating or manufacturing. While customers can, and do, get access to top-notch solutions from a technology partner, in many cases, it can be a “one-size-fits-all” scenario, meaning may be limited solutions available. You may have trouble finding a solution that addresses organizational nuances, unique industry needs or custom requirements.

This is where a technology manufacturer demonstrates advantages head-and-shoulders above partners. These technology providers take partnership a step further by engaging in their own engineering, research and development of products specifically designed with particular industries and use cases in mind. Having these capabilities in-house results in a unique ability to create solutions tailor-made for customers based on burgeoning trends, emerging technology advances and the thoughtful study of all current and future variables informing the need for a particular software, device or service. Having such a close connection between development and the customer also enable a direct channel for feedback on usability and desired functionalities.

The distinction is in the details

Choosing a technology provider that custom-builds its own hardware, firmware and other products can provide customers in the market for asset tracking, GPS tracking and other fleet devices with a distinct advantage.

A company with extensive resources in research and development is able to pay close attention to the subtle differences in needs between industries, building solutions catering to those needs, giving the feel of a highly customized solution. Limited capabilities in this area lead to solutions that must be “shoe-horned” into a scenario it’s not meant for. It also means working with a manufacturing partner that’s continuously evaluating and improving its products, looking for opportunities to fine-tune existing offerings, as well as create innovative new ones, based on best practices and an inherent understanding of customer needs.

The Verizon Connect difference

As a company with a history of technology innovation and custom product manufacturing, Verizon Connect prides itself on our products providing customers across all industries with the flexibility to adapt features and capabilities based on their unique needs.

In fact, based on recent research completed by Compass Intelligence, Verizon Connect was ranked as the top leader in the fleet tracking industry among companies providing products and services to support the fixed and mobile tracking of fleets.

Customization: The rubber meets the road

Our GPS tracking and asset tracking solutions support critical demands, such as the ELD mandate, with flexible installation options across all vehicle types. The same tracking device can be installed in light duty vehicles, heavy trucks or any other vehicle without the need for special tools or attachments, all because the device cable automatically detects the type of vehicle to which it’s installed and how it should operate as a result. In addition, our devices seamlessly mesh with a broad set of mobile applications that support work order and hours of service (HOS) management, route optimization and more.

Find the right solution for your business with our free Fleet Management Buyer’s Guide.

Our custom-built solutions can also help customers address capacity issues. Many organizations deal with resource and headcount issues by contracting with short-term drivers and using short-term rental trucks, but they still must find a way to track drivers, safety, mileage, gas usage, ELD and other compliance-mandated measurements. Our devices are designed to quickly and easily transfer from one vehicle to another, regardless of vehicle size or type, making tracking of any driver or any vehicle a breeze.

Capabilities: Valued-added functionality

In addition to being intuitive to operate and simple to install, our solutions are designed to enable customers to effectively leverage data for decision-making regarding a variety of variables. For instance, our devices gather data that helps fleet managers determine when they need more (or fewer) vehicles, and lets them track how effectively they’re making the transition from short-term rentals to full time, owned vehicles (or vice versa). Our devices also can provide valuable fuel usage, idling and mileage data, which combine to paint a clear picture of resource allocation, overuse or savings.

Other unique features we’ve worked into our tracking solutions include:

  • The ability to monitor and track the near-real time speed limit on the road and send in-cab notifications to drivers if they exceed a predetermined acceptable range over that limit
  • IP66 certification, which means they’ve undergone and passed sustainability testing against the elements (weather of all kinds can be harsh for any vehicle or fleet)
  • The ability to be agile and adjust to changing technology trends, including mesh networks, 5G, the emergence of smart cities, and more. In fact, according to a recent IHS Markit report, 5G alone will enable $12.3 trillion of global economic output in 2035.2

GPS and asset tracking that’s just the right fit

We are dedicated to setting our customers up to be agile, informed and competitive in their industries with a breadth of valuable data while maintaining meaningful relationships and using customer feedback to inform our product manufacturing roadmap. Learn more about how our top-ranked solutions can help you and your organization meet current and future demands.


1 Berg Insight’s 8th Annual Fleet Management in the Americas research report



Thomas Raskopf

Tom Raskopf is a Product Manager at Verizon Connect,working with highly skilled technology partners to design, develop and deliver elegant product solutions to customer challenges

Tags: Data & Analytics, Revenue & ROI, Team Management

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