Billing and Invoicing Made Easier and Faster


“Mo’ money, mo’ problems ... The more money we come across, the more problems we see.”Well, with all due respect to the Notorious B.I.G., most people hold the opposite view … the more money you make, the fewer problems you’ll have. 

While we’re not saying that money is the key to happiness, there is no arguing that throwing cash at certain problems solves them: Ask almost anyone how they plan to pay for their kid’s (or their multiple kids’) college education. Even Kanye West has money problems, or at least he thinks he does.

There’s another ‘90s song that comes to mind about money, though, that takes the opposite stance of Biggy’s immortal words: “Bills, Bills, Bills,” by Destiny’s Child (you know, Beyoncé’s gig before she was #QueenBey). 

Both of these songs might as well be anthems for anyone who has to do the billing and invoicing for a field services business. While of course you’re happy that the business is doing well and making that bank, the invoices to be processed and accounted for keep flooding in (mo’ money, mo’ invoices to deal with) – and then of course, there is the opposite end of the spectrum, where the bills, bills, bills keep piling up and you’re going into overdrive to ensure everyone and everything gets paid on time, from employees to utilities to rent.

Some days, you might want to channel Beyoncé by singing, “Can you pay my bills? … If you did, then maybe we could chill,” to just about anyone who will help you make a dent in the mountain of paperwork – and get it done quickly.

Anyone or anything, that is.

If you already use field service management software to reduce paperwork and make invoicing and billing way, way less painful, you can stop reading, and maybe go listen to other fun ‘90s tunes on YouTube that you thought you forgot about it. 

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But if you don’t, check it out:

Field service management software isn’t just GPS tracking. There’s a whole component of it that directly benefits the people in the office – the office managers and admins who are swimming in piles of dead trees or wallowing in spreadsheets.

It helps you bill people faster by creating invoices in just a few clicks, using job order information already saved in the system – no need to enter everything all over again into a form. After the invoice has been paid – which can even happen electronically, right from the field – another couple of clicks finalizes it, and then it’s stored forever in the cloud (which is basically a fancy way of saying “the Internet”).

To help with invoicing as well as billing, it integrates with the most widely used accounting programs, so you only enter the info once into the field services software and it automatically populates in your accounting software – saving hours of mindless data entry.

And if you ever need to dig up one of those old invoices, bills, job orders or any client info, everything is immediately available and organized in a way that makes it easy to find – it’s just like searching on Google.

What all this means is that you can get through billing and invoicing way faster and with less effort, freeing you up to do more productive tasks. So if you want to feel less like all that paper is “Killing [You] Softly” and more like you’re “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” take a look at field services software.

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